These Goggles Film Your Daring Deeds From Right Between Your Eyes

These Goggles Film Your Daring Deeds From Right Between Your Eyes

While most adrenaline junkies love the GoPro, here’s a point-of-view camera solution that never gets in the way: a pair of goggles that shoot 1080p video and 8MP photos from right between your eyes.

Made by Colorado-based Zeal, the iON goggles pack a 170-degree wide-angle camera lens to shoot, well, whatever you want to shoot hands-free while wearing goggles. There’s an in-goggle viewfinder, if you can concentrate on such a thing, and the buttons on the side are designed to be used with gloved hands. The li-on battery keeps you filming for three hours.

It’s perhaps worth pointing out that the goggles themselves aren’t bad either, offering anti-fog high-density UV optics and an impact-resistant frame so they don’t smash as you film your first crash. If you film your first crash, sorry. They’re available now direct from Zeal for $US399. [Zeal via Ubergizmo]

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