18 Adorable Videos Of Kids Excited About Christmas Gadgets

18 Adorable Videos Of Kids Excited About Christmas Gadgets

Sweaters. Meat. Gift certificates. Books. Whatever. We know what really gets kids excited on Christmas morning. It’s gadgets. Well, video game consoles, mostly, but kids know enough to slip an iPod request in there on off years. Most of these videos are adorable, a few are cringe-inducing, and a couple are downright touching.

Six years and 17 million views later and the Nintendo 64 kid is still the bellwether for Christmas gadget excitement.

The only thing better than kids being really freaking excited on Christmas is, well, messing with kids and making them think you got them a lame present. This one scores double because the kid’s sister got a Nintendo DS just before he opened his… picture frame box.

You’ve probably seen stories about Andre Johnson giving kids a yearly shopping spree, but seeing the 12 kids from Child Protective Services running around a store on Andre’s dime is pretty great.

Sure, the chase cam on the kids, and then catching up to them jumping around like the Outbreak monkeys is great. But this one makes the list purely for Dad’s early ’90s track suit.

This one’s cheating a bit, but we’ll make an exception for the Wii being a freaking amazing Christmas present. So here you go: 50 kids getting a Wii.

Sure, this little girl is adorable with her new Furby for now, but how long until it possesses her soul and drags her back to whatever hell dimension spawned it?

At first you might think, hey, parents, don’t get your kid an iPad for Christmas! Especially not a really young one like this! But wait. This is Nora, and it’s her second Christmas. She has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a degenerative disease that kills most children before their second birthday. The iPad was donated to the family, and with any luck, Nora picked it up as quickly as some of the other very young children we’ve seen going to town on iPads.

A Genesis! And then a freakout that sort of makes our ginger hero look like a really happy and grateful antichrist ready to play some Sonic.

So this is a giant mountain of toys for these kids, which is enviable, but come on, kid. If the SuperNES isn’t even wrapped and it takes you over a minute to find it, while you’re digging around in the pile of opulence, maybe you didn’t realllllly want that thing as much as you thought.

It’s not quiiiite up there with the N64 kid, but putting a PS3 in a microwave box to screw with your kids on Christmas morning is a pretty good one, especially when they flip out and love it anyway.

“IT’S AN IPOD. IT IS. SEE IT HAS AN APPLE ON IT.” Which is, like, true.

More iPods, but hey, let them think they’re phones a while longer. A black phone!

Here’s a kid VIDEO BLOGGING about his new Nerf gun. Enough said.

More screwing with kids, this time with a matryoshka doll wrapping job.

You might say this kid wasn’t sufficiently freaked out. I saw he was so freaked out he was rendered speechless. That is, until his dad tells him to not wreck the box because ugh dad I know just let me play with it.

OK, sure, we said no iPads for kids. And probably meant it. But come on, these girls are adorable.

Sure, kids with mobile phones might not be the besssssst idea, but this girl seems pretty excited by whatever she just got.

Most parents probably love that their kids get excited about presents, but wish they’d keep it together a little better. Like this kid.

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