6 Essentials To Prevent Your Christmas Party From Sucking

6 Essentials To Prevent Your Christmas Party From Sucking

You might think that the Christmas party you threw last year was a rousing success, but that’s only because your guests were too polite to tell you it sucked as they shuffled out the door at 9.30 in the evening.

The only surefire way to guarantee your shindig’s a hit is to invite The Most Interesting Man in the World, but sadly he’s just a fictional character created to sell booze. So as a backup, here are six essential items that will get things started on the right foot, and hopefully let your party foster and grow until the police arrive in the wee hours of the morning to shut it down.

Multicolour Musical Chaser Lights

First and foremost you need to set the perfect mood. And even though your guests have already been assaulted by lights and Christmas music while doing their shopping, how can you really expect them to get in the mood without saturating your home in holiday cheer?

This string of 200 multicolor lights flashes in sequence to a series of popular Christmas tunes because no matter where you are, it’s not a holiday party without Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree blaring in every room. ~$16. [clear]

Insta-Snow Powder

Christmas just doesn’t feel like Christmas without a little snow. And even if it’s too hot and dry outside for a single flake to fall, you can still fill your home with the white stuff using this magic instant powder.

All you have to add is water, and possibly a little Christmas cheer, to turn this superabsorbent polymer into a dead ringer for piles of fluffy snow. It won’t melt either, and with enough powder to make 150 litres worth, your guests will actually be able to build a soggy snowman right in your living room. ~$99. [clear]

Singing Machine iPad Docking Karaoke System

Even the lamest of parties can be saved with a little karaoke, and while your guests might grumble at the prospect of embarrassing themselves, that’s nothing a little liquid eggnog courage can’t fix.

Besides, it’s literally impossible to have a bad time when you’re belting out Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer or Frosty the Snowman. ~$130. [clear]

Electric Lazy Susan Buffet

You can’t expect your guests to party into the wee hours of the morning without adequate nourishment. And to avoid lineups and bottle necks at the food table, consider serving up your snacks in one of these brilliant lazy susan buffets.

The various compartments are free to spin making them accessible from any angle, and a large stone located beneath can be heated ahead of time guaranteeing at least an hour’s worth of warm food. Cleanup’s a breeze too, as the whole thing disassembles so it can be hosed down like everything else in your kitchen and living room. ~$100. [clear]

SNO Portable Ice Maker

Nothing can kill a party faster than running out of ice. The threat of having to sip warm drinks (outside of wine or cider) will have your guests bailing faster than Santa shooting up the chimney.

So forget about relying on bags of ice that are just going to melt away and invest in an icemaker that guarantees a constant supply. This countertop model can produce up to 35 pounds every 24 hours in three different sizes, so if you leave it running for about a week before the big day, you should have more than enough to keep everyone happy. ~$187. [clear]

The Inebriator Automatic Bartender

Having a bonafide bartender on hand will certainly impress your guests, but why leave them feeling guilty about having to leave a tip every time they top up? The automated Inebriator can serve up a wide range of cocktails without demanding anything more than an available outlet.

Unfortunately it’s a total DIY type thing, and you’ll need to have a pretty good grasp of electronics, mechanics, and programming to build your own. But the automated system guarantees the perfect pour every time, and there’s no risk of it ever dropping a bottle because it was trying to impress the ladies with its flare bartending skills. DIY.[clear]

Picture: Uros Zunic/Shutterstock