Your Ancient Internet Explorer Is Wasting Everyone’s Time And Money

Your Ancient Internet Explorer Is Wasting Everyone’s Time And Money

The New York Times’ spectacular multimedia feature, “Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek”, is incredible. The elegant design and tasteful extras only contribute to the gripping narrative. It’s everything we’ve been promised about the journalism of the future. But if you’re looking at it on Internet Explorer 8, you’re doing it wrong.

Here’s the thing: Despite being three years, and two versions old, IE8 is still a hugely popular browser because people just refuse to get with the times and use something modern. It’s a big problem, and the story behind “Snow Fall” shows why. In this Q&A on Source, multimedia producer and designer Jacky Myint reveals that an entire person on the project was dedicated to making the feature run on Microsoft’s inferior offering.

From the beginning we made the decision to not offer the exact same experience across all browsers/devices. This allowed me to focus on the main experience in the more modern web browsers while my colleagues focused on different experiences on other devices or older browsers. Josh Williams worked on the iPad/iPhone/touch experience while Jon Huang worked on IE8. We each had to figure out the best experience for the respective browsers/devices we were focusing on and work within their limitations.

A whole person dedicated to making an dumbed-down product to run on an outmoded browser! It makes us wonder: if you’re not willing to upgrade your browser, do you really care about multimedia enough for this outrageous resource expenditure? Do you deserve it? [Source]

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