New Instant-Fix Fabric Is 100x Stronger Than Duct Tape

New Instant-Fix Fabric Is 100x Stronger Than Duct Tape

It’s joked that duct tape can be used to fix almost anything. But a new product called FiberFix might very well be the only tool you’ll ever need for emergency repairs. And the secret is its special resin adhesive that hardens stronger than steel as it cures.

Unlike duct tape, which is just a peel and stick affair, you first need to soak the FiberFix material in water to activate it, and then wring out the excess liquid. From there you’ve only got about 10 minutes to apply the material before it begins to set and harden like steel. And while it takes about 24 hours to completely dry and harden, it’s ready for emergency use within minutes of being applied.

It is more expensive than duct tape though. Just 102cm of 2.5cm wide FiberFix will cost you $US6, and it’s available in wider and more expensive lengths too. But the real catch is that while it’s non-toxic, you’ll want to avoid getting that resin on your skin or clothes, because it’s not coming off easily. So for kidnappings and hostage situations, duct tape is definitely still the way to go. [FiberFix via Gizmag]

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