Bloomberg: Samsung’s Planning A Three-Sided Wraparound Display Phone

Bloomberg: Samsung’s Planning A Three-Sided Wraparound Display Phone

If your phone is lacking one thing, it’s a display that covers multiple sides of its boring little rectangular frame. At least, that’s according to Samsung, because Bloomberg is reporting that the company has plans to produce a phone with a curved OLED screen which wraps around three of its sides.

The idea is similar to ones shown off earlier this year: a flexible main OLED droops over two sides of the phone. In turn, that means that notifications and messages can be read from multiple angle, according to Bloomberg’s sources. That sounds, you know, nice, though perhaps not awfully useful — and not great if you have particularly nosey friends. But hey, progress!

The sources explained that it’s an iteration of Youm — Samsung’s umbrella term for its new flexi-screen devices, which so far extends to… just the Galaxy Round, actually. The display could, apparently, wind up in the next Galaxy S, or perhaps the Note, or be the first in a new line. How… vague.

Unsurprisingly, then, there’s no schedule for production or release, though one source said it was “likely” that a device could arrive in the second half of next year. Of course, we all know that Samsung is madly keen on flexible displays and it’s almost certainly the case that this is being worked on in a Korean R&D lab — but, boy, are there a lot hurdles before something like this reaches us humble consumers. Still, seems if Sammy does have its way the future is, apparently, bent. [Bloomberg]

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