Must-Have Office Tech To Get Stuff Done

Maximising your office productivity is a lot easier when you have the best gear. These are our recommendations for five key areas where the right technology makes all the difference.

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We’re assuming the presence of a computer of some form and a telephone (even if your mobile is the main one you use). Beyond that, what technology can make your time in the office more productive?

Multiple Monitors

Assuming you have the cubicle space for it, using multiple monitors can help boost your productivity. I’ve never met a developer who didn’t swear by the idea, and almost anyone can benefit from having their email on a separate screen. It’s not a particularly common choice, but even just adding one monitor to your laptop can make some tasks much easier. Support for multiple monitors is built into Windows 8 and Mavericks, so what are you waiting for?


Whether your taste runs to Android, an iPad or a Surface, a tablet offers an ideal complement to your existing laptop or desktop setup. It’s portable for meetings, and even when you’re working at your desk you can use it as an effective second screen. Still not convinced? Check out 10 worthwhile uses for tablets for more suggestions.

USB Drives

Yes, in the cloud era it should be possible to share everything easily with colleagues without resorting to physical media — but we don’t live in an ideal world. Keeping a decent capacity (8GB or more) USB drive around can be a lifesaver when there’s a really big file to shift and the office network is performing like frozen porridge. For added utility, rig a drive up as an emergency boot disk. Picture:

Charging Options

How many times a day does an email go around your office saying “Anyone got a Lightning charger?” Become a cubicle hero by making sure you have a range of options available. At an absolute minimum, keep a charger for your own phone in the office so you’re not constantly wondering where you left it (and remember to plug in when you’re at your desk). If you use a lot of devices, consider a standalone charging station or a powered USB hub.

Label Maker

Can’t find anything in your desk or filing cabinet? Can’t remember which cable connects to what? A label maker is what you’re missing. This doesn’t need to be an expensive purchase: for under $50, you can quickly get your workspace organised. Label maker picture from Shutterstock

Stay tuned this week for more must-have tech recommendations. Tomorrow: the home office.

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