Australian TV Execs Are Upset That Netflix Exists

Netflix is really knocking it out of the park with original programming right now. Starting with Lilyhammer and following it up with Arrested Development‘s revival, along with the amazing and award-winning House Of Cards. It’s so attractive that we’re tunnelling our way into the US to get access to it, and that’s upsetting Australian TV execs. Won’t someone think of the fat cats?!

For those who have been living under a digitally-shielded rock, Netflix is an online streaming service that costs $US7 per month and gives subscribers access to a massive swathe of content. The only problem is that it’s not officially available in Australia, but that won’t stop us from using VPN services to get access to the service.

According to The Australian‘s Media section, Aussie TV execs are upset that people are “illegally” accessing Netflix from Australia, which in turn denies them vital subscriber dollars.

There are estimates that Netflix now has anywhere up to 200,000 subscribers in the local market.

Aussie execs are even contacting their US film counterparts to try and put pressure on the streaming service to stop accepting Australian credit card payments, as it could potentially lower the value of future content deals.

From The Australian:

The major issue now for Australian broadcasters is that any local subscribers Netflix allows dilute the value of their output deals with international partners, such as Nine’s with Warner Bros or Foxtel Movies’ with various Hollywood studios. The number of viewers lost to Australian networks is unquantifiable though.

“This is an issue the US studios should be taking up with Netflix because they’re not getting paid,” one network executive said.

Could a potential solution be to create content good enough to bring people back to the Australian TV market? Food for thought.

Read more at The Australian.

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