Tickle: A Weird App To Get You Out Of Weirder Situations

You significant other is asking you what you were doing the other night and you can’t remember. You’re on a bad date and need to get the hell out of there. You have to escape a boring-ass meeting. If only you had a wingman who could call you and bail you out of these situations, right? That’s what Tickle is for: an app that recognises awkward movements on your phone and calls you to bail you out of bad situations.

Tickle uses your phone’s accelerometer, and can runs in the background to detect awkward movements on your phone. You can scratch it, shake it, bang it or fondle it awkwardly.

When Tickle recognises an awkward input, it will generate a random phone call to get you the hell out of whatever weird situation you’re trapped in.

To be honest, it looks like a fake right now from the website, but it’s something that someone should definitely develop, and fast.

Tickle claims to be in private beta and rolling out soon. [Tickle]