Piracy Is Bad: Australian Animation Studio Boss Wants To Educate Kids

The CEO of Australian animation production company Animal Logic wants to teach children that illegal movie downloading is no different to shoplifting, saying that by the time they’re in high school it’s too late to change their attitudes towards copyright infringement.

Animal Logic boss Zareh Nalbandian told news.com.au that Year 5 was “the perfect time” to educate kids about piracy, saying that if they’re not explicitly taught not to illegally access copyrighted media like movies then that will become their default attitude later in life.

Animal Logic is the Australian production company behind the animation in films like Happy Feet, and The Lego Moviea heavily pirated movie in Australia. That piracy may have something to do with The Lego Movie‘s significantly delayed screen date in Australia, almost two months after its international release.

Nalbandian made the point that if 10 per cent of movie DVD sales are lost to piracy, that’s hundreds of millions of dollars that won’t be funnelled back into subsequent movie production, costing animators and filmmakers jobs in the future. He’s a fan of the Australian government’s plan to cut down on piracy by enforcing rules on ISPs, telling News: “I think that would be great. It’s bringing to the front of mind that what they are doing is illegal and they should stop.” [news.com.au]

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