When It Comes To Music Storage Formats, Japan Is Stuck In The ’90s

When It Comes To Music Storage Formats, Japan Is Stuck In The ’90s

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  • Japan is often (and rightly so!) regarded as a one of the most technologically advanced countries on Earth. Every day they seem to dream up some new robot or announce ambitious space elevator plans, but when it comes to music technology, the country is stuck in the nineties. Compact discs still account for 85 per cent of music sales in Japan compared to 20 per cent in other markets. [The New York Times]
  • Kara Stone is an independent game developer who created a texting experience that’s a little…scandalous. Using artificial intelligence, Stone explores the relationship between sexuality and technology with Sext Adventure, a game designed to promote mobile dirty talk between the player and a bot. The Hairpin interviews Stone about her work and why Sext Adventure is a must play. [The Hairpin]
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