Share Your 2014 Spotify Year In Review With Us Here

Share Your 2014 Spotify Year In Review With Us Here

57,546. That’s how many minutes I spent listening to Spotify this year, according to the personalised Year in Review data that the app released today. If you’re not shamed by sharing the fact that 57,500 of those minutes were spent listening to Calvin Harris’s “Summer”, please share your results with us below.

Spotify is great about digging into its voluminous stores of data — it even lets outside artists do the same, like this awesome interactive from media artist Kyle McDonald. Today the company has released a comprehensive analysis of how Spotify users listened this year, including a top songs list, plenty of stats, and a playlist of stuff you haven’t heard before that you might like. But their personalised-to-you review is even more fun, since it itches the narcissistic side we all secretly hide.

Of course, there are plenty of bombshells too, unless you curate out all of your guilt-listens by going “private session”. So share your results with us below — try screencapping the final image on the review, as I did above — and let us cringe together.

You can check out your own stats right here.

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