Report: Apple May Be Creating A Stylus For The Rumoured iPad Pro

Report: Apple May Be Creating A Stylus For The Rumoured iPad Pro

Apple Insider reports that Apple may be considering its own stylus or iPen or Apple Pen or whatever for the upcoming iPad Pro, or is it the Air Plus? Like I said, it’s a big ole rumour party.

But this rumour happens to come from Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities. Yes, that Ming-Chi Kuo, the guy who’s known as the “world’s most accurate Apple analyst.” He has Nostrodamused a couple of Cupertino’s secrets in the past, including Apple Watch release timeframes and specific iPhone 6 specs. Now, he’s focused on iPads, specifically how Apple’s mega iPad may soon have a new fancy stylus accessory.

Report: Apple May Be Creating A Stylus For The Rumoured iPad Pro

His thinking is pretty sound. Apple already has patents for its own stylus, and a bigger iPad wouldn’t interest the average user anyway, who would most likely stick with a iPad Air or Mini. Instead, the big iPad will be marketed toward creatives and artists who need the pen to do their tablet-based artwork.

Kuo doesn’t think the stylus, at least the first generation, will require any hardware changes on the iPad itself though we could see what he calls “3D Handwriting,” with the iPad able to detect the stylus even when it’s off the screen, after 2015. If the stylus proves popular, that is.

A stylus in general would be an interesting departure from Steve Jobs philosophies on tablets. He famously said near the release of the first iPad that “if If you see a stylus, they blew it.” But the Apple Watch is already evidence that the company is moving past the Steve Jobs era, so they may not even care.

Of course, this is all still living snuggly in rumorsville, but the idea is an interesting one. But if Apple does want to enter the world of digitizer pens, many companies, like Microsoft and Wacom, will offer some tough competition. [Apple Insider]

Image via Shutterstock (definitely not a render of the rumoured iPen)

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