GTX Titan X: Nvidia’s Absurd New Graphics Card Is A Beast

GTX Titan X: Nvidia’s Absurd New Graphics Card Is A Beast

Two years ago, Nvidia announced its original Titan graphics card, a bad-boy built on the company’s Kepler technology and for a time the most powerful card out there. Now, the Titan X is here and it’s ready to reclaim the throne.

The new Titan X is the fastest single-GPU card around, and it looks to beat out the GTX 980, 780Ti, and the original Titan by leaps and bounds. That’s due in part to the fact that the new Titan X reps Nvidia’s efficient Maxwell architecture, and that it has 12GB of GDDR5 VRAM, and 3072 CUDA cores. With some eight billion transistors on a 602mm field, the Titan X has Nvidia’s biggest and also most powerful GPU.

But what’s all that mumbo jumbo mean gaming-wise? Two main things. First, 4K gaming at reasonable frame rates. The Titan X can push enough pixels to get games like Dying Light, Shadow of Mordor, and Far Cry 4 running in 4K at max settings with frame rates around the 40 frames-per-second range. That is to say, it runs damn new games at the max-iest maximum you can max.

GTX Titan X: Nvidia’s Absurd New Graphics Card Is A Beast

Second and further off are the applications for VR. The Titan X was behind Oculus’ demos at GDC, while Valve’s HTC Vive managed to get away with using a GTX 980. But with the onslaught of virtual reality headsets on the way, chances are the Titan X will be a good option for early adopters.

We haven’t put the Titan X through its paces ourselves, but nerdier (and damn knowledgeable) sites like AnandTech have, and the verdict looks good. Yes, this is a beast for games, if you can afford the $US1000 price tag. That, and if you have the 4K monitor or VR aspiration to make the investment worth while.

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