Here’s The Official Apple Watch User Guide

Here’s The Official Apple Watch User Guide

The first time you strap on an Apple Watch, it’s hard to tell what it can do. When do you use the touchscreen, and when the digital crown wheel? When, exactly, does Force Touch actually do something? The answers are here: Apple just published a full, searchable User Guide.

It’s an enormous guide — spanning 23 topics and almost 100 pages — and it’s almost required reading. Apple’s video tutorials are a great start, but there are lots of little things in the guide that would be hard to figure out on your own. Did you know that the watch can send turn-by-turn directions to your wrist by vibrating in specific, recognisable patterns? We didn’t, and neither did John Gruber at Daring Fireball.

The guide also does a nice job of pointing out all the neat things the Watch can do when paired with an iPhone — and all the things it can’t do without. That jumble of apps on the Watch’s home screen? Turns out you can organise that mess on the larger screen of your iPhone if you want. You can also organise your friends list on the phone, use a feature called Handoff to move whatever you’re doing to the match or phone or vice versa, and find your lost phone by forcing it to ring. Neat.

It’s a good read if you’re thinking of picking up an Apple Watch this week — it even has a list of functions the Watch can perform without a paired iPhone. Spoiler alert: that list isn’t very long. Take a peek at the whole guide right here. [Apple via Daring Fireball]

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