IKEA Just Made It Easy To Add Wireless Charging To Your Furniture

IKEA Just Made It Easy To Add Wireless Charging To Your Furniture

Slowly but surely, IKEA’s getting into the electronics business. The Swedish furniture giant will start selling wirelessly charging furniture in coming weeks. Don’t want new furniture? No sweat. IKEA makes it incredibly easy to install its new inductive charging device in any piece of furniture.

If you’ve been thinking about getting in the wireless charging game, IKEA just made it a no-brainer. Later this year, you’ll be able to buy the Jyssen wireless charger for just $US30. It’s designed to fit in the cord management hold of the Micke and Stuva desks, but for an extra $US5, IKEA will sell you a special drill bit so that you can cut the perfect slot in literally piece of furniture you already own.

Want a wireless charging station on the kitchen table? No problem. How about a charging pad for your dresser? That’s a five-minute job. What about the garage? If you drill the hole, you can charge your phone.

Of course, you could always just opt for the easier, prettier, and slightly less expensive Nordmärke wireless charging pads. Those are $US28 for the single pad and $US65 for the triple. If your phone doesn’t already support wireless charging — the Qi standard can be hard to find — IKEA is also selling iPhone and Samsung Galaxy cases that add the functionality for$15 to $US25.

The easiest approach to adding wireless charging to your life would be to buy a piece from IKEA’s new wireless charging furniture. We’ve known for a few weeks that these items were on the way, and IKEA just announced that everything will go on sale in late spring, just like the Jyssen kit.

It’s worth pointing out that wireless charging probably isn’t the best thing for the lifespan of your device’s battery. But it sure is convenient.


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