Truck Spill From Hell Dumps Millions Of Angry Bees Onto The Highway

Truck Spill From Hell Dumps Millions Of Angry Bees Onto The Highway

Early this morning, a tractor trailer overturned on I-5 in Lynwood, Washington, littering the freeway with millions of pissed-off bees, KIRO 7 reports. Dang, this scene sounds like actual hell.

According to Fox, the truck blew a tyre and lost control. Boxes containing 448 honeycombs were thrown to the road. Luckily, we hear the driver is OK.

The photos of the truck spill tell you pretty much what you need to know:

UGH. Where the hell did they get those bee keeper uniforms? Do they just have those around? Also, interstate bee commerce. I’d never considered it.

Printer ink, cows, cash. What hasn’t ended up on the road thanks to a truck accident. Short of a hazardous chemical spill, I can’t think of anything worse than this stingy scene. I bet the bees are fucking livid. Imagine you’re buzzing in a weird box with 5000 of your friends while cruising 110km/h when all of a sudden, your business gets wrecked. Apparently, as the weather warms up this morning, the bees wake up and get more pissed.

[Fox and Kiro 7]

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