Seeing Princess Leia As A Mr Potato Head Is A Little Unsettling

Seeing Princess Leia As A Mr Potato Head Is A Little Unsettling

If you grew up around the same time the Star Wars movies originally hit theatres, you probably had a childhood crush on Princess Leia. But seeing the character in her Slave Leia costume as a Mr Potato Head will probably leave you feeling a little confused, awkward and with a strange affection towards french fries.

These Mr Potato Heads, including a new Boba Fett and C-3PO, are actually made by a company called PPW Toys who’s responsible for most of the licensed character versions. The original Mr Potato Head is still made by Hasbro, but PPW Toys’ versions are actually larger, higher quality, and specifically designed for discerning collectors.

These three new characters will be available later this year in October, and while their costumes and body parts are fully swappable, they’re actually part of a Poptaters line that only stand about six inches tall. So you can squeeze more of them onto a shelf in your office, although you’ll probably want to find a very special spot for Princess Leia. [PPW Toys via Jedi Insider]

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