When Robots Get Wasted

When Robots Get Wasted

Mind-altering substances are buckets of fun for humans, but what about for robots? An excellent article at Hopes and Fears wondered if our future robot overlords are going to spend their weekends getting baked out of their minds. (Spoiler: We’re not sure.) But for me, the article raised an even more pressing question: What would a robot on drugs even look like?

A quick scan of the internet shows humans have been trying to answer that question for a long time. Here are a few favourite examples of robots under the influence.

An Android with Emotions is Like a Human on Coke

Data, the loveable and laughable Android of the Starship Enterprise, is always aspiring to be more human. But when Data finally gets to experience humanity by sticking an emotion chip in his brain, his positronic relays go into overdrive. The result…isn’t pretty.

From fits of uncontrollable laughter and violent rage to sudden bouts of paranoia, Data on emotions is basically a human on coke.

When Robots Get Wasted

Low Battery is Like Oxygen Deprivation

Depriving your brain of oxygen is a great way to get yourself good and crunk! Low battery, same idea.

When Robots Get Wasted

Too Much Power, On the Other Hand….

Desperately craving too much of anything is called addiction — whether we’re talking ice cream, crack cocaine, or delicious, mind-altering electricity.

When Robots Get Wasted

Robots Freak Out On Drugs, Too

Sure, this poor Dalek may have just swallowed a fatal dose of an anti-radiation drug, but to the rest of us, he’s just a poor stoner freakin’ out.

Drunk Droids Get Into Bar Fights

When Robots Get Wasted

Droids of the Star Wars universe don’t get to experience the intoxicating effects of alcohol, poor suckers. They can, however, program themselves to feel drunk, which did not end so well for one I-Five protocol droid. He became a drunk arsehole, and managed to provoke a Wookie into ripping his arm out.

Still, we all know it could have ended worse.

When Robots Get Wasted

Image via Wookipedia

A Robot That Trips Acid Already Exists!

Lest we forgot, the Internet went wild this summer over Google’s Deep Dream system, a sophisticated computer algorithm that turns perfectly normal images of everyday things into acid-infused nightmarescapes.

Sure, one could argue the algorithm was just acting according to its programming. But if you think about it, doesn’t this just mean we programmed a bot to trip acid?

When Robots Get Wasted
When Robots Get Wasted

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