Tesla Is Discontinuing Its 10 Kilowatt Powerwall 

Tesla Is Discontinuing Its 10 Kilowatt Powerwall 

Earlier this week, Tesla pulled its listing for the 10 kilowatt Powerwall device, leaving only its 6.4 kwh battery listed for sale. In a statement to GreenTechMedia, the company confirmed that the option has been discontinued.

Photo: Tesla

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The company noted that while the device has been extremely popular, there has been far more demand for the smaller of the two, and that they will be focusing exclusively on the 6.4 kwh model:

The Daily Powerwall supports daily use applications like solar self-consumption plus backup power applications, and can offer backup simply by modifying the way it is installed in a home. Due to the interest, we have decided to focus entirely on building and deploying the 7-kilowatt-hour Daily Powerwall at this time.

[related title=”Tesla’s Powerwall Battery” tag=”powerwall” items=”5″]The larger Powerwall was positioned as a longer-term back up power supply, which GTM noted was looking like a hard sell, with other market alternatives that were priced far below the $US3500 ($4,661) price tag.

The remaining 6.4 kwh device has less capacity, and is designed more to shift the load of available power, such as from a solar panel, to times when the production of such energy is lower. [GreenTechMedia]

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