New ACT Government Program Gives Big Discounts For Solar Power Storage

Up to 60 households in Canberra will be offered the world’s most advanced solar batteries at discounted rates under the ACT Government’s “Next Generation Energy Storage” Pilot.

Two ACT businesses are working together to offer the ground-breaking systems, which use Tesla Powerwall or LG RESU residential solar batteries as a base.

The batteries will be fitted with controls developed by local Canberra company Reposit Power. Reposit’s cutting-edge software increases the performance of the batteries and allows home owners to sell the power they generate on the wholesale electricity market. It helps owners to bring down their bills and help stabalise the Territory’s electricity system at the same time.

Reposit chief executive Dean Spaccavento says the systems will also help the grid transition toward 100 per cent renewables.

“We are pleased to be offering Canberra residents the most advanced battery control system in the world,” Mr Spaccavento said.

“Reposit is the first to develop a system that allows consumers to participate in wholesale electricity markets. Our battery control learns a household’s electricity usage patterns, gathers weather predictions and monitors the market to help drive down power bills.”

The batteries will be available from local solar and energy storage retailer SolarHub, which is headquartered in the Canberra suburb of Mitchell.

Under the program the ACT Government will contribute approximately $3000 toward each system. Applicants don’t need to already have solar panels installed, and can receive up to $4000 in Federal Government assistance to put panels on their property.

SolarHub Director Benn Masters says all up, a household can receive $7000 in government support to build a state-of-the-art solar system.

“SolarHub is delighted to be at the forefront of the emerging energy storage market and is seeking applicants for the systems,” Mr Masters said.