Reasons To Cancel The Olympics, Ranked

Reasons To Cancel The Olympics, Ranked

Just before every Olympics, looming doubt starts to surface. Are the cities ready? Has the host country accepted the geopolitical consequences? Will people come?

But this year’s games are especially troubled, and with the opening ceremonies less than 100 days away, the call to cancel Rio’s Summer Olympics has reached a fever pitch. Should Rio just walk away now? Some are saying yes. Here are some of the best reasons why.

11. Zika

Sending 500,000 people to the centre of an outbreak of a yet-to-be-understood disease might create a global pandemic.

10. Inequality

Rio’s poorest residents have been shouldered with the heaviest burden for the Olympics — and some of them have already lost their homes in the process.

The displaced Vila Autodromo favela. Mario Tama/Getty Images

9. Doping scandals

A massive doping scandal could ban 31 yet-unnamed athletes “from 12 countries and six sports” from participating — in addition to the Russians who were already outed. Russia might be barred completely, and because it didn’t comply with an anti-doping agency investigation, Kenya may not be able to compete at all either.

8. Political scandals

Brazil’s president has been suspended after being impeached for stealing funds from state banks. But that’s not all! More than half of the members of Brazil’s senate are also being investigated for crimes.

7. Brazil’s recession

The Brazilian economy is in free-fall. And the Olympics — or even worse, a financially unsuccessful Olympics — might plunge it even further downward.

Contaminated waters in Guanabara Bay. Image: AP

6. Poop

The shitty (literally, shitty) water that the country refused to clean up has the potential to make athletes sick.

5. Unfinished infrastructure

The extension for Rio de Janeiro’s Metro Linha 4 that connects the major venues hasn’t even been finished. That means traffic will be an absolute nightmare.

4. Dangerous infrastructure

The infrastructure for the games that has already been finished is falling apart and killing people.

A brand-new bike bridge collapsed, killing two people. Image: Getty

3. Bad luck

We just found out that South Korea, the country set to host the next Olympics, secretly did a really, really horrible job last time. So that’s reassuring.

2. International sporting events suck

No one wants to host them. And the IOC seems like a bunch of jerks.

1. But seriously, Zika

Dude, if the recommendations are that pregnant women or even people who are considering getting pregnant shouldn’t attend — will anyone even go?

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