Get To Know Star Trek Beyond’s Big New Bad Guy

Get To Know Star Trek Beyond’s Big New Bad Guy

Video: Star Trek Beyond doesn’t just have that significant new development (that’s no big deal) or the backing of a Rihanna song, it’s also got Idris Elba as Krall, its sinister and cranky villain who hates everything Kirk and pals stand for. Now you can get to know him Krall day and Krall night long in a new featurette focusing on the character.

The theme in this new featurette is that Krall is supposedly more than just an angry alien, but instead a complex opponent for the crew of the Enterprise to face, an isolationist who’s not at all fond of the Federation’s plans to boldly go about the galaxy and stick their collective noses into other civilisation’s business.

But you don’t really get to hear much about that complexity here, and are instead treated to many shots of Krall glowering and stomping around while beating the shit out of Kirk. It’s most hilariously summed up by Elba’s opening line in the featurette:

Krall is very complex. When you meet him, you go “Oh, he’s a bad guy!”

He then gets promptly cut off before any snifter of that complexity could be discussed. But at least we know he’s a bad guy! Guess you’ll have to wait until Star Trek Beyond hits theatres next week to actually find the rest of that bit out.

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