Would You Take Business Advice From Artificial Intelligence?

There are over 500 million business owners on the planet, but one in 10 (50 million) fail every year. And according to research, the two main reasons why business owners fail include a lack of education, and a lack of support.

Given the scale of the problem, Dale Beaumont realised conventional business models based on one-to-one coaching, meet-ups or live events weren’t going to cut it. And that’s when the idea of BRiN was born.

Created in collaboration with over 250 business experts from around the world, BRiN aims to provide users with free, on-demand business advice and access to a video and audio library of expert input from major advisors covering 80 topics.

Now the BRiN team plans to spend the next 12 months developing thousands of business conversations using computer-logic or simulated AI, eventually creating the world’s first AI business advisor.

Using a chat interface Beaumont says BRiN is able to understand and pinpoint your business problems “better than most humans can” and give you solutions and recommendations “within micro-seconds”.

“So yes, BRiN is smart but she is also sensitive too,” Beaumont says. “BRiN can listen, understand your moods, give you inspiration, make you laugh and when pushed she can give you a kick up the butt too.”

In the near future, the App will also include closed captions to all videos and real-time translation into 30 different languages. Next, the plan is to add benchmarking, leaderboards and interactive charts. And soon you’ll be able to find content you need, just by using the power of your voice.

Over 3000 users have signed up for the service within the first seven days of launch and BRiN aims to attract one million business owners within the next 12–18 months. Beaumont says his “mission is to make education accessible and support instant to millions of business owners around the world”.

Would you, though? Would you take business advice from AI? Let us know in the comments!