More Details On Game Of Thrones’ Next Epic Battle Scene

More Details On Game Of Thrones’ Next Epic Battle Scene

Black Panther has found its big villain. Cheo Hodari Coker talks about Hasbro’s plans for a Visionaries movie. Stephen Amell is teasing Green Arrow’s first team-up with Supergirl. Plus, new casting for The Magicians and Outcast, and a few new pictures from Agents of SHIELD. Spoilers get!

More Details On Game Of Thrones’ Next Epic Battle Scene

Black Panther

Winston Duke has joined the cast as M’Baku, better known as long time Black Panther villain Man-Ape. [Variety]


While talking to Cheo Hodari Coker about Luke Cage, the director briefly discussed being a part of the adaptation of the obscure Hasbro toyline:

And finally, just to do some quick rumour-busting, I saw on your IMDb page that you’re involved with a Visionaries movie which seems like a super-obscure property to be looking at. What’s the story behind that?

OK, so I was part of the Hasbro writers room with Brian Vaughan, and Joe Robert Cole and Nicole Perlman and all the other writers, there were about 12 of us. We all discussed how we could turn the various Hasbro properties into movies. Technically was I part of Visionaries? Well, we all talked about all of them – but we were all individually assigned different movies. Which I did I cannot disclose, because the only company more secretive than either Marvel or Netflix is Hasbro. I’m just lucky that I get to make money playing with toys and comic books. It’s just the best job in the world!

[Den of Geek]

Doctor Strange

Tilda Swinton talks up The Ancient One’s role:

Well, The Ancient One, as you know, is the master, is the Sorcerer Supreme, and Strange comes to learn how to heal himself and The Ancient One has got the knowledge. And so what you’re seeing today is a part of the whole training section when he’s learning the moves and digging deep. So it’s all about that, it’s all about trying to push him to get there. What you’re seeing today or what we’re doing today is a section when he’s getting to touch and go whether he’s gonna makes the grave, but as we know, he does. And how it progresses is, again, the story, it’s really important to The Ancient One that Doctor Strange does cut it because The Ancient One needs a successor, or certainly needs — you could say — a son. So The Ancient One is really invested in Doctor Strange, it’s a very kind of primal relationship.


Here are three more motion posters:

Max Steel

Here’s a new poster for the film:

More Details On Game Of Thrones’ Next Epic Battle Scene

[Coming Soon]

Game of Thrones

Watchers on the Wall has collected several new Spanish-language reports from filming in Malpartida, Spain, indicating that a massive battle is being prepared for filming there featuring Daenerys’ forces.

Previously it was believed that part of this would be a major naval battle which would see Euron Greyjoy, now allied with Cersei Lannister, go to battle with Yara and Theon, but now it’s believed thanks to reports from Los Siete Reinos that the actual focus will be on a nearby land battle featuring the Unsullied and presumably the Dothraki, as horses have been called to the shoot. At least one dragon is believed to be involved in the sequence, too.

Someone major will presumably be leading the battle, as the reports also indicate scenes featuring carriages carrying someone into the battle were being shot as well.

Lost in Space

Molly Parker has been cast as Robinson family matriarch Maureen. [TV Line]

The Magicians

Christopher Gorham is set to recur in the show’s second season as Senator John Gaines, who discovers that he has developed unusual abilities of his own. [Deadline]


The same Deadline post also confirms C. Thomas Howell will join the Rob Kirkman adaptation’s second season as “a mysterious figure with a dark agenda who comes to Rome”. [Deadline]


Stephen Amell is teasing Green Arrow’s first encounter with Supergirl on Twitter:

Ollie puts killing back on the table in a new trailer.

Star Wars: Rebels

Darth Maul threatens Hera into revealing the location of the Jedi Holocron in a new clip.

Agents of SHIELD

Finally, new pictures from episode three, “Uprising”, have been released. You can find more at the link. [Coming Soon]

More Details On Game Of Thrones’ Next Epic Battle Scene
More Details On Game Of Thrones’ Next Epic Battle Scene

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson. Banner art by Jim Cooke.

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