One In Six Aussies Uses Snapchat Every Day

Snapchat is bigger in Australia than we thought. Almost a third of all Australians aged 18-24 use Snapchat, but what’s more surprising is how many Aussies in the next bracket up Snap away on what we’d guessed would have been a very teenage-skewed app.

28 per cent of Australians aged 25-34 use Snapchat every day, and contribute to the pool of 4 million users that Snap Inc tells Gizmodo log on to Snapchat daily. That’s small fry next to the 60 million users in the US and Canada and 50 million across Europe using the app, sure, but it’s a big percentage of the 15 million or so smartphones in Aussie hands.

If you’re opening Snapchat, you’re probably using it, too — which is hugely different to how most of us lurk away on Reddit or Facebook or Twitter. Two thirds of Snapchat’s daily active users also create content. Part of it, we’re told, comes from the fact that Snapchat opens straight to the camera, rather than to a feed of what your friends are posting.

P.S if you didn’t already know — we didn’t! — you can actually build your own on-demand geofilters for US$5. If you’re planning a wedding or a birthday party where you know your friends are going to be Snapping away a lot, it’s a pretty cheap way to make their Snaps even more personalised and memorable.

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