Where Powerless Fits Into The DC Multiverse

Where Powerless Fits Into The DC Multiverse

Tye Sheridan talks Ready Player One. D.J. Caruso has a wild idea for the next G.I. Joe movie. M. Night Shyamalan wants in on Stranger Things. Plus, new footage from Powerless, Laurel Lance is back in action in a new Arrow trailer and hints of what’s to come on Legion and Sleepy Hollow. To me, my spoilers!

Where Powerless Fits Into The DC Multiverse

Ready Player One

The majority of the film will be rendered in motion capture to represent the novel’s virtual reality world, according to Tye Sheridan:

60% of the film takes place in this virtual video game and 40% takes place in the real world.

The idea of the film — it’s established that this video game this virtual reality game is much more glamorous than the real world; people have jobs inside of this game which is called the OASIS, people spend their lives inside this video game. My character is kind of this loser in the real world, but in this video game the creator of the game dies and leaves behind an easter egg hidden inside of the game that holds his trillions of dollars and control of the game and he says whoever finds it in the game is the person who should take over the OASIS. So five years go by, no one’s found the easter egg and — there are three keys in order to get to the easter egg — he’s the first one to find the first key. So his avatar becomes famous in the video game, where in the real world he’s still kind of this loser, so he’s juggling both.


G.I. Joe 3

A Transformers crossover movie was discussed, according to Director D.J. Caruso:

Well yeah but they’re not ready to do [G.I. Joe meets Transformers] yet. That’s exactly what they should do but they’re not ready to do that because in fact the script that I was developing, the two worlds sort of collided at the end and when they read it they were like, ‘We’re not ready to do this yet.’… They will eventually collide those two worlds and it’s probably when Mr. Bay decides he’s done with Transformers.


Kong: Skull Island

Three banners, all unsurprisingly featuring a rather large gorilla, have been released.

The Belko Experiment

There’s a snippet of new footage in this latest trailer for the violent office horror movie.

Beauty & the Beast

A new triptych poster for the film has been released. [Yahoo]

Where Powerless Fits Into The DC Multiverse


Showrunner Patrick Schumacker has confirmed that the series will be set on its own Earth within the DC multiverse, “Earth-P”, separate from the movies, Supergirl and the other CW shows:

Batman v Superman and Man of Steel are the cinematic universe, the Berlanti-verse is its own thing and Earth-P is its own thing. We don’t treat the films as things that have happened within this world.

Kara should totally stop by with that dimension hopper Cisco made her. [Comicbook.com]

Meanwhile, a new extended trailer has been released, featuring everyone’s favourite evil starfish, Starro.

Stranger Things

M. Night Shyamalan would love to direct an episode:

My boys who do Stranger Things, they did Wayward Pines for me. They were round my house and I was like, ‘Well, you can hire me back guys!

[Digital Spy]


A brief and extremely vague new synopsis for episode two, “Chapter Two”, has been released.

David reflects on his past with the help of new friends.

[Spoiler TV]

Sleepy Hollow

Everyone gets sad about the past in a new synopsis for “Homecoming”.

When the tram realises the talisman which Dreyfuss seeks might be hidden in the most obvious of places, they race against the clock to find it before the evil forces are aligned. Then, with heightened emotions and bittersweet memories, Jenny and Crane revisit important parts of their past as they return to Sleepy Hollow.

[Spoiler TV]


Episode 16 of the season is called “Checkmate”.

Finally, here’s a new extended trailer for the show’s return, which shows evil Laurel Lance destroying that horrifyingly bad tribute statue to the original dead Laurel… so, not all bad?

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson. Banner design by Jim Cooke.

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