Breaking: The Internet Has Pornography

Breaking: The Internet Has Pornography

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You might want to sit down for this news. Australia’s Daily Telegraph newspaper has uncovered startling images that are available on this newfangled “Internet” that seems to be all the rage. They’re images of (wait for it) pornography.

In what the Daily Telegraph hails as an EXCLUSIVE, the newspaper reveals that its “special investigation” has “uncovered the dark side of social media.” Apparently it’s easy to find this kind of pornographic material under the hashtag #NSFW. Oh dear!

From The Telegraph, emphasis mine:


TWITTER has become a faux porn site with hardcore images and video easily accessible.

Cyber experts and childhood psychologists are hugely concerned about the impact it may be having on very young users of the service and say it could even be teaching kids how to rape, sexually abuse others or be putting them in direct contact with paedophiles.

A special investigation by News Corp Australia has uncovered the dark side of social media which should make every parent and user concerned.

The hashtag #NSFW — or Not Safe For Work — is one of the biggest harbourers of X-rated material, including explicit videos and images that are not censored or hidden.

The article then sprinkles in cases of children reporting seeing or sending illicit messages over social media, before returning to explain that while the hashtag #NSFW was “seemingly innocent,” it actually has hardcore porn:

News Corp Australia sighted hundreds of hardcore pornography videos and images on the seemingly innocent #NSFW hashtag during its investigation.

While the service, along with other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, promotes an age restriction of 13-plus there are thousands of underage users of Twitter.

Figures from the e-safety commissioner show 34 per cent of kids aged 8-13 have circumvented age-restriction requirements to access social media and of that cohort 11 per cent list Twitter as their preferred service.

And you’ll never guess what kinds of photos the story is liberally sprinkled with…

Breaking: The Internet Has Pornography
An important public service article provided by Australia’s Telegraph newspaper about the existence of porn online (The Telegraph/Twitter)

An important public service article provided by Australia’s Telegraph newspaper about the existence of porn online (The Telegraph/Twitter)

I mean, the Tele clearly didn’t want to expose anyone to these images that were found under the #NSFW hashtag. They’re just performing a public service… five times.

What a world! Pornography! On the Internet! Thank you for letting us know, Australia’s Telegraph. We had no idea.

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