Adobe Has Raised Creative Cloud Prices In Australia By Almost 250% Since 2014

When Adobe switched all its Creative Suite programs — Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, Illustrator and the rest of the gang — over to Creative Cloud, we were worried what a subscription model might mean for prices. Adobe software has always been expensive, but at least it was one upfront cost.

As it turns out, we were right. Another annual price increase for Creative Cloud is happening a month from now, and it represents the latest jump in a nearly 250 per cent price rise for some Creative Cloud plans since it started.

Giz reader Steve got in touch to share the news of the price rise, which kicks in on 5 June. An email to Creative Cloud users that went out today explains the increase:

“As part of doing business globally, Adobe monitors currency exchange rates in order to make adjustments to our pricing up or down as needed. You may be aware that currency exchange rates have fluctuated significantly over the last few years. As a result of recent exchange rates in your region, the price of Adobe products and services is increasing starting on 5 June 2017.

Steve, who was “fortunate enough” — his words — to get the initial Creative Cloud pack at a discount rate in the first place, has watched his yearly subscription cost rise from $359.88 in 2014 to $599.88 in 2015, then to $695.88 in 2016, and this year to $871.07. That’s a 242 per cent jump over the four years he’s used the service.

Steve is even one of the lucky ones. He’s even been lucky enough that his regular subscription rollover time in mid-May has meant he’s been 11 months behind each price increase. But this price jump is enough for him to switch away. “Although my renewal price would not have had the increase, it’s a ridiculous amount to expect people to keep paying, especially with year on year increases.”

In December, Adobe started charging GST on its Creative Cloud subscriptions, raising prices by 10 per cent, and this latest jump is a 25 per cent price increase for Steve over last year’s. In 2013, we calculated that buying a copy of Adobe’s Creative Suite Master Collection in Australia would cost more than flying to the US, buying it there, and flying home — a move that would also save you $600 spending money extra for a holiday at the same time.

For what it’s worth, Steve has cancelled his Creative Cloud membership. “I’ll be moving to DaVinci Resolve, and going back to using the copy of CS5.5.”


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