New Rumours About Those Justice League Reshoots

New Rumours About Those Justice League Reshoots

Fantastic Beasts 2 is looking for some younger versions of its cast of characters. Legends of Tomorrow recruits a mystical new heroine. The brains behind Stranger Things discuss the role of the monsters in season two. Plus extensive new looks at The Mummy and Transformers: The Last Knight. Behold, spoilers!

New Rumours About Those Justice League Reshoots

Justice League

The film’s reshoot period — being lead by Joss Whedon in the wake of Zack Snyder’s stepping back from Justice League after an awful family tragedy — has begun, with Henry Cavill already on-set in England.

Although some rumours have already begun swirling that the lengthy reshoot time, planned for much of the winter, hints at a troubled production, it’s best to take those with a hefty dose of scepticism. Not just because the actual amount of time being spent on reshoots is still speculation at this point, but also because we already knew when Snyder announced his departure from Justice League that future reshoots would involve multiple new scenes specifically written by Whedon, planned before Snyder decided to step back. So it isn’t like an extensive reshoot period would be out of the blue. [Batman News]

Fahrenheit 451

Sofia Boutella is currently in talks to play Clarisse McClellan, “an informant caught between the competing interests” of Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon’s characters, Montag and Beatty. [Variety]


Speaking with OK! Magazine, Priyanka Chopra openly expressed interest in playing Barbara Gordon, joining the long line of “actor expresses interest in role” news stories:

But my dream part is, now that I’m working in America, I definitely want to do a superhero part. When I think of American movies, they have had superheroes for eons right? So I definitely want to play a superhero and I want to have an interesting super power. I don’t know… Batgirl would be so cool!

Fantastic Beasts 2

A casting call is looking for actors ages 13-16 to play the “Young Newt”, “Young Leta”, and a new character named “Sebastian”. Fantastic Beasts 2 is also looking for actors aged 16-18 to play teenage versions of Gellert Grindelwald and Albus Dumbledore. Teen versions for everyone!


Pixar has released details on the all-Latino voice cast of Coco, including Edward James Olmos, Benjamin Bratt, Cheech Marin, Gael García Bernal, Alanna Ubach, Selene Luna, Alfonso Arau, Herbert Siguenza, Octavio Solis, Gabriel Iglesias and Blanca Araceli as residents of The Land of the Dead. Head to the link for more. [/Film]


David Harbour is now being fitted for Hellboy’s right hand.

Bride of Frankenstein

Alex Kurtzman described David Koepp’s screenplay as “brilliant” and believes it will be “relatable to a lot of people”:

David Koepp wrote a brilliant script. A brilliant script with a very unique structure and a central relationship that I think is gonna be relatable to a lot of people while also being very true to what I believe people love about Bride. Here’s the weird thing about Bride Of Frankenstein. It is one of the weirdest movies you’ll ever see in your life. It is such a strange film. What amazes me is that the bride doesn’t show up until, what, the last ten minutes of the film? Doesn’t say anything, rejects Frankenstein, he pulls a lever and the building explodes and that’s the end of it. It’s not like she has long monologues, it’s not like you get to know her character, it’s not like she goes out into the world. There’s almost no screen time with her.

And yet everybody remembers the iconic look, the hair, who she was. Articles have been written, there’s Halloween costumes. It’s an enduring character because there’s something mysterious about her and that look, and the idea that she was created to serve another man. Which is gonna be an interesting thing to tackle in this day and age. It might be something we subvert in our film. It will be really interesting to see where we go because I actually think that Bride is maybe a lot more accessible as a character than you may think. Mostly because she’s not really a character yet based on the original Bride Of Frankenstein.

[Den of Geek]

Death Note

Adam Wingard took to Twitter to defend setting the US remake stateside.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Concept art shows the range of expressions Spidey’s new eyespots can make.

Transformers: The Last Knight

There’s quite a bit of new footage in this Japanese TV spot.

The Mummy

Tom Cruise introduces this new Ahmanet-focused trailer.

Jurassic World 2

Speaking with Screen Rant, director Colin Trevorrow even went so far as to admit he believes the sequel will be “a better movie” than his own Jurassic World.

He is a different director but it’s interesting, we have so many similar instincts as far as suspense and family and fears of childhood and the perspective that we want to tell the story from that even though I wrote the film, it’s J.A.’s movie from start to finish. He’s just — the film looks beautiful and is exciting. We’re using more animatronics because I learned so much about how they can be utilised, so I built scenes that would allow us to use them — because they can’t run, these are the lessons. Belén Atienza has been great as well, and it’s just been something that we’ve all delved in and tried to make something deeper and richer and ideally better. I’m going to be the hype man for this movie, I think it’s going to be a better movie — sorry.

Legends of Tomorrow

Tala Ashe has joined the cast as Zari Adrianna Tomaz — better known as the superhero Isis. Initially created to appear in the ’70s live-action series The Secrets of Isis, part of CBS and DC’s Shazam!/Isis Hour on Saturday mornings, Adrianna was re-introduced as a hero in DC’s comics with links to Shazam and specifically Black Adam back in the mid 2000s. In Legends, Zari will be a “grey hat hacktivist” also living the double life of a supernatural, mystical superhero. [CBR]

Luke Cage

Season two has begun filming, according to OLV.

Doctor Who

Mark Gatiss told Den of Geek he’s not sure if he’ll ever write another episode of Doctor Who after Steven Moffat exits the show:

There’s loads I’d still love to do, yes. Equally, it’s very much the end of an era and I’m very excited about what Chris [Chibnall] is going to do. I also rather like the idea of not knowing anything. I’ve no idea if it’s my last one, but if it were I’d be very happy to have worked on the show which I’ve loved for so long and to have written for four Doctors over twelve years. It’s been amazing. It’s still a privilege and still a pinch-me kind of thing. It’s remarkable. I never thought it would come back, I tried to keep a torch alight but I really didn’t think so. It’s still [laughs] amazing to me that it’s come back the way it has and been so wonderfully successful, so if this is the end then I’ll be perfectly content.

Mr Robot

Christian Slater told Variety that show creator Sam Esmail described season three to him in one word — “disintegration”:

Season 2 was, for me, as a character, the boundary season, with Elliot trying to place these boundaries and restrictions on the direction Mr. Robot wants things to go. Every decision Elliot made created a combative situation between us, which was frustrating. We were trying to outsmart each other…I asked Sam what he felt was at the core of Season 3 between Elliot and Mr. Robot and the only word he was able to give me is “disintegration.”

Stranger Things

Co-showrunner Ross Duffer told Variety season two will take a “restrained approach” to its monsters:

The point is not to give everyone what they think they want. Because I don’t think they really know what they want. Hiding the monsters can be more effective than seeing them, so restraint can be a good thing. I can’t talk too much about them, but they’re cool.

Ash vs The Evil Dead

Finally, Bruce Campbell has released a bloody selfie from the set of season three.

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson. Banner art by Jim Cooke.

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