Star Wars: Episode IX May Return To A Familiar Planet

Star Wars: Episode IX May Return To A Familiar Planet

More details about the timeframe of Justice League have been revealed. Melissa Benoist discusses Kara Zor-El’s struggles in Supergirl season three. Get a look at the titles for all 13 episodes of The Punisher. Plus, new looks at It, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Thor: Ragnarok, as well as a new clip from Rick & Morty. Spoilers now!

Star Wars: Episode IX May Return To A Familiar Planet

Star Wars: Episode IX

While appearing on the Everything Geek Podcast, actor Mark Pickup (who played a scavenger on Jakku in The Force Awakens) mentioned he’d been told the production will be returning to Abu Dhabi when filming begins next year, implying a return to Rey’s desert homeworld, Jakku, before the grand finale. It isn’t the most solid of sources, but makes sense if we’re going to be learning more about the character’s mysterious origins. [Making Star Wars]

Justice League

The latest issue of Total Film reveals Justice League is set very shortly after the events of Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice. In the opening scene, Batman and Wonder Woman are mourning over Superman’s grave when Steppenwolf makes his presence known. [We Got This Covered]

In related news, Ray Fisher told Comic Book his portrayal of Cyborg is “for a new era”:

He’s a very real and grounded character and that’s something I found very interesting to bring to the table. I love the cartoon, but this is a different Cyborg, for a new era.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Meanwhile in the realm of the most immediate Star Wars movie, Yahoo! Movies has an image of Rey training on Ahch-To.

Star Wars: Episode IX May Return To A Familiar Planet

Thor: Ragnarok

Yahoo! Movies also has a new pic of the Grandmaster and his entourage.

Star Wars: Episode IX May Return To A Familiar Planet

Meanwhile, a new title treatment for the movie was released yesterday to mark what would have been Jack Kirby’s 100th Birthday.


A new clip of George’s infamous encounter with Pennywise has been released.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

CBM has the latest crop of character posters. Head over there for more.

Star Wars: Episode IX May Return To A Familiar Planet
Star Wars: Episode IX May Return To A Familiar Planet
Star Wars: Episode IX May Return To A Familiar Planet


An hour-long sci-fi drama is in development at Fox from the writers of the National Lampoon’s Vacation remake. The series will focus on the idle rich using a voyeuristic technology to hijack the young and virile bodies of the financially destitute living on a paradise island. [Variety]


Speaking with CBR, Melissa Benoist discussed the dual identities of Supergirl and how they both get questioned in the new season.

It’s a couple months past where we left off. When we pick up in season three, Kara has very much dedicated herself to Supergirl, and I don’t think she really wants to address what happened for Kara Danvers personally, because that was such a massive heartbreak for her. So the balance is a little off-kilter right now, and this season I think we’re really going to explore her identity. She’s really questioning whether she’s a human or an alien and which she wants to be.

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny

Jedi News reports both Han Solo and Finn will appear in the new animated series.

The Gifted

Once again, you have been asked to meet the mutants of The Gifted.

The Punisher

The show’s episode titles have been revealed on Twitter, but in Morse code. Decrypted, they read:

1. 3 AM

2. Two Dead Men

3. Kandahar

4. Resupply

5. Gunner

6. The Judas Goat

7. Crosshairs

8. Cold Steel

9. Front Toward Enemy

10. Virtue of the Vicious

11. Danger Close

12. Home

13. Memento Mori


Sounds like things didn’t end well with those deadly spores if the synopsis for the next episode, “West Side Story”, is any indication.

After the team’s plane suffers a catastrophic accident in the hybrid zone, Dariela and Tessa (Hilary Jardine) set out on a rescue mission to save them.

[Spoiler TV]


Dutch waxes lyrical about the beauty of the universe in a clip from this week’s episode.

Dark Matter

Wexler is still a weasel in another clip from this week’s Dark Matter.

Rick & Morty

Finally, Rick and Morty take a trip to Atlantis in the trailer for its next episode, “The Ricklantis Mix-up”, airing in two weeks.

Banner art by Jim Cooke.

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