Toyota, Mazda and Denso Will Work Together On Electric Cars

Toyota, Mazda and Denso Will Work Together On Electric Cars

With governments around the world increasingly mandating some percentage of their countries’ car companies’ sales be of electric vehicles, the onus is on those brands to find more efficient and cost-effective ways to develop new models. Toyota is spearheading a new enterprise with the help of Japanese partner Mazda and electronics powerhouse Denso to create standardised technology for EVs that the car brands can share in the future.

The new EV Common Architecture Spirit Co. Ltd will be 90 per cent owned by Toyota, and Mazda and Denso will each have five per cent stakes. 40 engineers and employees from the three companies will be transferred to the new enterprise, and will work together on developing “basic structural technologies”, including powertrains, for EVs.

One of the strengths that Toyota will contribute will be its New Global Architecture, while Mazda is strong in computer modeling of its upcoming vehicles and Denso has a long background in vehicle electronics and wiring. Toyota actually took a 5 per cent stake in Mazda last month, announced alongside the broader collaboration between the two companies on EVs.

Here’s the stated goal of the new EV Spirit Co:

The new company will engage in the following:

  1. Research into the characteristics (common architecture*) that define optimum performance and functions of EVs from the standpoint of both individual components and the whole vehicle
  2. Verification of component installation and vehicle performance realised by the characteristics achieved in item 1)
  3. Examination of the optimum concept for each car classification with regard to each component and each type of vehicle realized by achieving items 1) and 2).

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