David Fincher’s Films Are Masterpieces Of Camera Movement

David Fincher’s Films Are Masterpieces Of Camera Movement

If you’ve seen a David Fincher movie, you’ll know it — he has a distinctive look about his work that… does something to the viewer.

Nerdwriter‘s breakdown of the Fincher tilt, pan, and track — and sometimes all three at once — shows how the famous director behind Fight Club, Gone Girl, The Social Network and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo‘s perfectionism pays off. In an almost Steadicam-ish way, Fincher shots track a character and keep them positioned identically in frame while they’re moving.

It’s not just close, Nerdwriter says — it’s perfect. Careful timing with an actor is necessary to get all the pieces of a shot, sometimes including several different movements, to fall into place together. That’s why Fincher is notorious for doing so many takes, too.

Fincher’s latest TV series Mindhunter is on Netflix now; I haven’t watched it, but I hear good things. [YouTube]

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