What’s To Come On The CW/DC Universe’s Midseason Finales

What’s To Come On The CW/DC Universe’s Midseason Finales

Ben Mendelsohn coyly acknowledges the rumours around his Captain Marvel character. Matthew Vaughn’s next project could be a sci-fi action film. Brandon Routh discusses Constantine’s arrival on Legends of Tomorrow. Plus, behind the scenes on The X-Files, and good news for Ghosted. Spoilers get!

What’s To Come On The CW/DC Universe’s Midseason Finales


Matthew Vaughn is in talks to produce and direct a sci-fi/action film written by Stranger Things producer Kark Gaidusek. Though details are currently under wraps, Deadline describes the project as “a drama in the vein of Inception and Edge of Tomorrow” that boasts “an epic premise”.

Captain Marvel

ScreenRant was able to ask Ben Mendelsohn whether he could confirm he’s playing Yon-Rogg in Captain Marvel. Mendelsohn answered with “whoa” and “I have no idea.”

Fear the Walking Dead

Maggie Grace (Lost, Taken 1-3) has joined the cast of season four in a currently undisclosed role. [Deadline]


Fox has ordered an additional six episodes of Ghosted under the aegis of new showrunner, Paul Lieberstein (The Office). [Variety]

The Flash

Deadline reports Kendrick Sampson has been cast as Brainstorm, a TSA agent able to read people’s minds for a multi-episode arc beginning with December 6’s midseason finale, “Don’t Run”. In the comics, this Brainstorm is an enemy of Mr Terrific, and should not be confused with the Justice League villain of the same moniker.

Speaking of the midseason finale, here’s a trailer.

Black Lightning

The CW has released images from the pilot episode, titled “Dark Matter of my Brain”. More photos available at Buddy TV.

What’s To Come On The CW/DC Universe’s Midseason Finales
What’s To Come On The CW/DC Universe’s Midseason Finales
What’s To Come On The CW/DC Universe’s Midseason Finales

Once Upon a Time

Episode 7×14 is titled “The Girl in the Tower”, according to Adam Horowitz on Twitter.

Agents of SHIELD

An interview with Elizabeth Henstridge and Iain De Caestecker teases Fitz and Simmons will once again be physically separated at the beginning of the new season, which probably means no Fitz in space (or at least, not the bit of space Simmons and the rest of the gang are in).

Meanwhile, Clark Gregg told ComicBook.com he believes the Avengers have “moved on” from Coulson’s death.

It is an ever-present theme. It’s really touching to me how much the fans stay obsessed with the idea of when the Avengers are going to learn Coulson’s alive. It’s something that…I don’t know, I find that so touching! I think the Avengers have moved on, they’re busy.

Legends of Tomorrow

In conversation with ScreenRant, Brandon Routh discussed Matt Ryan’s upcoming appearance as Constantine, as well as the heavy role magic plays in the show’s third season.

He brings a cool element to the show and our season thus far has been heavily influenced by the supernatural and by magic, so it’s very appropriate to have him there. He brings a crucial storyline forward and plays an integral role in the episode and kind of us moving forward and helping Ray with some motivation or information that really propels the second half of the season forward. So it’s cool.

I think Ray [is] intrigued by it. He was in love with Camelot and that kind of thing growing up. His excitement level would be very high in that area and he would work to figure out how that works. I think Ray is ok not knowing how things work. He would work to figure it out, but he’d also not be frustrated as much as enticed and excited that he doesn’t know the answer. That’s what drives him is not knowing the answer and not being frustrated.

But none of that matters, because here’s a trailer for the show’s midseason finale – “Beebo, the God of War”.


Likewise, Oliver and Felicity enjoy a second wedding only to learn there’s a traitor in their midst in the trailer for the midseason finale, “Irreconcilable Differences”.

Black Mirror

Another new trailer has been released: This time for the anthology-with-an-anthology episode, “Black Museum”. As the title indicates, the story concerns a roadside tourist trap of criminal memorabilia, and a ghoulish curator guiding a a young woman through its various murder weapons. You can read more about our thoughts on the trailer here!

The X-Files

Finally, Gillian Anderson bemusedly recalls the events of last year’s season finale in a new behind-the scenes video, featuring interviews with David Duchovny and Chris Carter.

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