George Lucas Contributed A Small But Significant Character Moment To Solo 

George Lucas Contributed A Small But Significant Character Moment To Solo 

Emilia Clarke, who plays Qi’ra, was part of George Lucas’ contribution to Solo: A Star Wars Story.

When George Lucas makes a suggestion about Han Solo, you listen. That was Ron Howard’s thought, at least, during the production of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Lucas, who created not just the character Han Solo but the franchise itself, was visiting the set one day and offered up a suggestion on how to change the scene. It’s not a spoiler, if you’re concerned about that.

There’s a scene on the Millennium Falcon between Han (Alden Ehrenreich) and Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke) that takes place in Lando’s cape room. In the middle of the conversation, Han hangs up a cape that was off the rack. But Lucas didn’t like that.

“He said, ‘You know, Han wouldn’t bother to hang it up,’” Howard told Variety. So Howard made that change.

“Not only was it a nice accent on the scene, but it was also a reminder that George created this character and really understood him,” Howard continued. “He was so reluctant [to offer his opinion], and yet the choice was so right that it was fun to use it.”

There’s much more in the Variety piece about the behind the scenes drama on Solo — including how all the actors reacted to it and how and where Howard was first offered the job. Check it out at the link below, and check back in the coming days for much more on Solo: A Star Wars Story, which opens Friday.


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