H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine Is Getting Another Shot At Making History

H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine Is Getting Another Shot At Making History

Disney’s Mulan and TNT’s Snowpiercer announce new casting and Robert Downey Jr is starting to tease more Sherlock. Some rumours in the Marvel world with Deadpool 3 and an unspecified MCU film getting movement. Plus, a surprise appearance by Xena’s Renée O’Connor. Ayayayayaya, spoilers!


Deadline reports Jimmy Wong and Doua Moua have joined the cast of the Mulan remake as two of the original’s comedic foils. Wong is set to play the awkward, gangly Ling while Moua has joined as the towering gourmand, Po.


Black Mirror’s Jesse Plemons has been cast in Scott Cooper’s upcoming supernatural horror-thriller in a currently undisclosed role.


The Time Machine

Deadline reports the European TV company Sky is developing a series based on H.G. Wells’ well-adapted The Time Machine from Tessa Ross and Juliette Howell’s of House Productions. Screenwriter Nick Payne and director Kibwe Tavares are currently attached.

Kim Possible

Variety reports Patton Oswalt will reprise his role as Professor Dementor in the live-action Kim Possible movie.

The Tommyknockers

Bloody Disgusting has confirmed James Wan will merely produce The Tommyknockers — not direct, as previously rumoured.

Alfonso Cuarón DC Movie

Revenge of the Fans Editor in Chief Mario-Francisco Robles reports Alfonso Cuarón met with Warner Bros. months ago to discuss a mysterious DCEU film project but the talks seemingly went nowhere.

Sherlock Holmes 3

Robert Downey Jr is “practicing” his “Sherlock face” in a new Twitter post.

Deadpool 3

Geeks World Wide reports David Leitch will return to direct Deadpool 3 just after completing his Fast & Furious spinoff, Hobbs & Shaw.

Mystery MCU Movie

Geeks World Wide also has word Marvel will begin filming an unspecified Phase 4 movie next June in the United Kingdom.

Doctor Strange 2

British tabloid The Mirror has word Benedict Cumberbatch will receive £7.5 million ($13 million) for his work on the Doctor Strange sequel.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Jason Blum promised an update on the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie is coming “very soon”.

The Predator

The latest TV spot contains a new shot of the Ultimate Predator.

The Happytime Murders

Detective Phil Phillips offers his legal services in a new TV spot.

Watch the Sky

Based on the graphic novel, here’s a new trailer for an indie sci-fi film in the Stranger Things mould about a pair of young UFO spotters, co-starring Xena’s Renée O’Connor as their put-upon mum.

The Magicians

Anthony Ingram has joined the cast as a “Manphibian” named Lord Fresh. According to Entertainment Weekly, “Lord Fresh is loyal but never servile to the High Kings of Fillory”, and is destined to encounter “one of the show’s unsuspecting, and now magicless, characters”.


Deadline reports Paget Brewster will continue to recur as Della Duck in season two.

The Santa Claria Diet

Shalita Grant will recur in season three as Tess Rogers, “an FBI agent who is looking into a recent explosion at a fracking site in Santa Clarita”.

[Spoiler TV]


Deadline reports Steven Ogg has joined the cast as a “career convict” named Pike.

Hardened and battle-scarred, Pike was a career convict, serving time in Cook County Jail for armed robbery at the time of the Freeze but escaped. He is a leader in the Tail and a warrior of his people.

The Flash

New set photos give us clearer looks at Nora Allen’s speedster costume.


Finally, Spoiler TV has images from episode 4.07, “O Mother, Where Art Thou?” More at the link.

With D’av and Jaq on the run, Dutch and John hunt the answer to Khlyen’s memory clue.

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