This Is What Happens When Tech Companies Implode

This Is What Happens When Tech Companies Implode

Creative solutions are born from conflict, but is there such a thing as too much conflict?

Well, yes, as we find out on this week’s That Startup Show.

We’re discussing why tension sometimes leads to successful pivots, while in other cases results in epic disasters.

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Host Rae Johnston asks how to protect a team from burnout and when to quit while you’re ahead, examining the huge mental cost of an entrepreneur’s journey.

Joining the discussion on what to do when things hit the skids are founder and CEO of Pioneera, Danielle Owen-Whitford, and author of Startupland and CEO of ZenDesk Mikkel Svane.

We also hear from Megan Flamer, Xcelerate Program Director at BlueChilli, on dealing with the startup life rollercoaster and how to keep going.

Finally, popular YouTube and mindfulness advocate Jess Holsman of StudywithJess helps crowd source the best tips for avoiding burnout and re-energises our workaholic crowd with a ‘Beating the Startup Blues’ smoothie.

Startups pitching their brilliant business ideas for this episode include:

  • Sandy Buchanan, founder of Limbr Deccelerator, the proactive wellbeing program for entrepreneurs, professionals and freelancers.
  • Rosie Thomas, co-founder of Project Rockit, which empowers school students to stand up to hate instead of standing by watching.
  • John Webster, founder of Shiftez, which helps employers automate the roster build while co-planning and communicating shifts with staff through connected devices.

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