Time Capsule Opened To Reveal Ancient, Mysterious Treasures Of 1993

Time Capsule Opened To Reveal Ancient, Mysterious Treasures Of 1993

Students at Shenandoah University in Virginia recently opened a time capsule from the ancient, mysterious world of 1993. What did they find inside? Bizarre contraptions such as a so-called “cassette tape”.

The time capsule was buried by the class of 1993 at the small, private university in Winchester, Virginia. The time capsule was marked with a plaque that instructed people of the future to open it in the year 2018, though the number “2018″ was in quotes for some reason.

The capsule sustained some water damage from being in the ground for so long, but most of the items were recognisable, unlike so many other time capsules that unfortunately turn to mush.

And while there were plenty of artefacts from 1993, the contents of the capsule weren’t relegated to the 1990s. Aside from ’90s yearbooks, rave dummies and dinosaur toys, there were also some 1960s Beatles records.

You can watch video of the time capsule opening on YouTube, a video service that didn’t exist in 1993.

While many time capsule nerds are no doubt angry that a time capsule from 1993 was opened so soon, everybody needs to just chill out. 1993 was 25 years ago and anyone who gets angry about it should probably just recognise that they’re old. You’re old and 1993 was a long time ago. At least it was to these university students.

Here in the year 2018, most first year university students were born around the year 2000 — seven years after this time capsule was buried. So while you might be thinking about all your favourite memories from 1993 (or your least favourite from that era) just accept the fact that you’re old now.

And we should also probably accept the fact that if these kids left the time capsule for 50 years from now Winchester, Virginia might be underwater thanks to global warming. It’s halfway there already.

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