Magneto Gets A Gleaming New Figure, And More Of The Shiniest Toys Of The Week

Magneto Gets A Gleaming New Figure, And More Of The Shiniest Toys Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our regular round up of all things collectible. This week, we’ve got a very goopy Venom, Magneto takes center stage, and the power of Asgard itself compels you to…tenderize your meat? Ooh err. Anyway, check it out!

Diamond Select Marvel Select Venom Figure

Despite being snapped out of existence by Thanos, it’s been a good year for Spider-Man, with a hit video game and a gorgeous animated film.

Where there’s Spider-Man, Venom isn’t far behind, and while his movie wasn’t entirely embraced by critics, it did usher in a new wave of Venom toys. Based on the character’s appearance in the comic books, this seven-inch, $35 Marvel Select Venom figure includes 16 points of articulation, three swappable heads, a back attachment for additional spider legs, and seven symbiote tendrils that can be snapped on for extra creepiness.

Star Wars Death Star String Lights

Emperor Palpatine learned the hard way that two fully armed and operational battle stations aren’t enough to stop a plucky band of rebels from foiling your plans. You need an entire chain of Death Stars to ensure victory over the galaxy—or a perfect Christmas tree, in this case.

For about $28, ThinkGeek’s now got a string of festive lights featuring 10 glowing, five-inch tall miniature Death Stars to drape around your tree, across your monitor, or even outside as they’re completely weatherproof—but potentially not Jedi-proof.

Sideshow Collectibles Magneto Sixth Scale Figure

Sideshow’s take on the iconic Magneto design turns the master of Magnetism into a stylish collectible — and an incredibly shiny one, to boot. Based on his classic comics costume, the sixth scale figure is fully posable and includes alternate hands for some classically-Erik dramatic posing, from clenched fits to casting hands.

There’s even a levitating hand you can rest an alternate version of his helmet on while you use the also-provided unmasked head (which, of course, casts Erik’s hair as dramatically fluttering in the wind as he gets up to some magnetic bullshit). The figure will set you back $334 if you want to preorder, and will release in Winter 2019.

[h/t Toyark]

Hasbro Monopoly Pizza Game

You’ve probably spent lots of time amassing luxurious properties in Monopoly while munching on cold pizza, despite Rich Uncle Pennybags’ obvious affinity for caviar and the finer things in life. Nothing goes better with board games than cheese and pepperoni, so Hasbro has finally created the perfect game-night mashup of the two. Monopoly Pizza Game has up to four players circling the redecorated game board trying to buy as many different kinds of pizza, not properties, as they can.

Collecting an entire colour set of slices gives those cards a higher value, making it harder for other players to afford a slice. And just like college, whoever’s amassed the most pizza by the end of the game is declared the winner.

NECA Terminator 2 Kenner Tribute Figures

Despite it being in no way a movie for kids, there was a massive toy push for James Cameron’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day when it hit theatres back in 1991. Kenner, who famously scored the exclusive rights to produce the original Star Wars toys, led the charge with a mountain of action figures that oftentimes deviated quite a bit from the movie.

Kenner is now, sadly, long gone, but not forgotten, as NECA is releasing a line of seven-inch T2 figures as a tribute to the toymaker, complete with throwback ‘90s packaging. Pricing and availability details aren’t known yet, but can you really put a price tag on reliving your childhood?

[h/t Toy News International]

Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Building Blocks

You’ll never complain about Lego sets being too expensive ever again now that Tiffany & Co.—the company that desperately wants you to spend a small fortune on a diamond engagement ring—has designed its own set of building blocks.

The set comes with just 10 pieces made from a mixture of sterling silver and American walnut wood, and given the use of square studs, there’s zero chance these are compatible with older brick-based toys. That’s unfortunate, because you’ll be spending $2,295 for this tiny set, and really won’t be able to build much with this handful of bricks.

[h/t Uncrate]

Figma Overwatch Pharah

Justice rains from above! And… right onto your wallet. Yes, Goodsmiles’ fiendishly collectible line of six-inch Overwatch toys is growing once more with everyone’s favourite rocket queen, Fareeha “Pharah” Amari. Pharah comes with her trusty rocket launcher, accessories to recreate her concussive blast (you’ll have to knock your other figures off a ledge yourself to get the full effect), and parts to recreate her flight suit opening up to release a barrage of rockets in her ultimate move.

All that, and even a removable helmet you can pose her with! All it needs it to be in a two-pack with Mercy, and the Overwatch experience at its finest will be replicated in action figure form. Figma Pharah is expected to have you flying in friendly skies in October 2019. [Goodsmile]

Marvel Thor Mjolnir Meat Tenderizer

Who among us is worthy enough to dine on a thick, tough steak? Even amateur chefs born far away from Asgard should have no trouble wielding this kitchen-ready version of Mjolnir, featuring an array of spikes for pounding and tenderizing anything other than Thanos’ henchmen. For about $45 it’s almost the perfect gift for the Marvel-obsessed cook on your shopping list — were it not for the fact that you might have to actually walk into a Hot Topic store to buy one.

[h/t GeekAlerts]

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