Updates From Doctor Who, The Spawn Movie, And More

Updates From Doctor Who, The Spawn Movie, And More

New rumours hint at some old Ghostbusters heading back to Zombieland. Kermit himself teases big plans for the Muppets this year. Ben McKenzie teases some fandom-pleasing moments in Gotham’s final season. Plus, new TV spots for The Lego Movie 2 and Captain Marvel, and a new teaser for The Punisher. Let a new year of Spoilers begin!


In a recent interview with Nerdist, Todd McFarlane promised his Spawn reboot will be totally devoid of “joy” or “fun lines,” instead opting for a “dark, ugly two hours worth of movie.” Sounds…fun?

There’s no joy… There’s gonna be no fun lines in it, and it’s just gonna be this dark, ugly two hours worth of movie, which is essentially what a lot of supernatural/horror movies are anyway. There’s not a lot of funny in them. And that seems to be a weird hurdle for a lot of people in this city to get over because they sort of go into a superhero/Avengers default all the time.

Zombieland 2: Double Tap

GeeksWorldWide alleges Bill Murray will return for the Zombieland sequel after all—alongside fellow Ghostbusters star, Dan Aykroyd—playing fictionalized versions of themselves.

Birds of Prey: Or, the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

According to HNEntertainment, the Birds of Prey movie wraps filming “around” April 13.

Captain Marvel 

Carol Danvers is reborn in a new TV spot.

Elsewhere, a humongous new Captain Marvel ad is now on display in Times Square and Brie Larson is pretty excited about it.

Untitled Muppets Project

During a recent appearance on KCAL’s Morning News in Los Angeles, Kermit the Frog promised “a big surprise planned for the New Year.”

Well, we’ve got a big surprise planned for the new year. I’d tell you what it was, but I don’t know what it is either.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

The Justice League almost forgets Green Lantern in the latest TV spot.

Happy Death Day 2U

Once again, Tree is cosmically fated to prevent several murders in this year’s sequel to Happy Death Day.

The Isle

Shipwrecked sailors wind up on an island of sirens in the first trailer for The Isle, a supernatural Scottish horror film set in 1846.

Doctor Who

BBC Director General Tony Hall stated series 12 will air “very early in 2020″ during a preview screening of last night’s New Year’s special (recap forthcoming!) at the BFI. So at least the wait is going to be slightly less agonizing? [Digital Spy]


Speaking with Screen Rant, Ben McKenzie promised the show’s final season will include numerous fan-pleasing moments.

A lot of the questions that we get asked at Comic Con are, like, “When are you going to do this, when are you going to do that?” Well, right damn now, we’re going to do them, because we don’t have any more time. John Stevens and the writers have created a pretty great template for No Man’s Land, in which all hell breaks loose, but also a plan throughout the ten episodes (later expanded to twelve) to sprinkle in various things the fans want to see in a way that pays off. In a way that doesn’t just feel like lip service.


Jamie and Claire’s secrets finally come to light in the trailer for next week’s episode, “The Deep Heart’s Core.”

The Punisher

Finally, Frank goes back to work in a quick new teaser for The Punisher’s second (and presumably, likely final, given the fate of its fellow Marvel siblings) season.

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