David Mazouz Will Become Batman Before Gotham Ends, But He Won’t Be The One In The Batsuit

David Mazouz Will Become Batman Before Gotham Ends, But He Won’t Be The One In The Batsuit

We’ve known for a while that, as Gotham draws its batshit bonkers story to a close, we will finally see Bruce Wayne become Batman. But while the character will indeed don the Dark Knight’s iconic costume, the teenage actor playing him won’t.

Gotham’s panel at the Television Critics Association press tour dropped a few nuggets of info of what we can expect out of the series’ fifth and final season as it continues its descent into the kinds of hysteria that only Gotham can truly capture.

But perhaps the saddest detail of all is that yes, while David Mazouz’s lil’ Bruce Wayne will become Batman by the end of the series, he won’t actually be stepping into the Batsuit…primarily because he wasn’t hired to play a 6’4″ superhero, but instead a young orphan who would one day become that superhero. So while Mazouz will obviously provide the voice and appear in closeups, any time you actually see Batman in general? It’ll be a stand-in:

Poor guy. Five years of waiting to be Batman, even wearing that utterly bizarre half-step costume — and when it comes down to the bat-wire as the entire show wraps up, he doesn’t even get to wear the full costume? This perhaps may be Gotham’s greatest injustice, though it also didn’t let Ben McKenzie’s Jim Gordon actually grow the full proper Detective Gordon mustache, either.

Oh, and there are also all those other injustices when it comes to its…let’s say inventive take on the Bat-Canon. But we love those to bits at this point.

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