The Coolest Star Wars and Marvel Reveals From New York Toy Fair

The Coolest Star Wars and Marvel Reveals From New York Toy Fair

New York Toy Fair descended on the Javits Center this past weekend, bringing us a new look at all the spectacular new toys (and Captain Phasma, and also a very spiky Kylo Ren.

Lego Star Wars

Lego had already shown off its line of special sets celebrating the 20th anniversary of its Star Wars line—complete with exclusive minifigures harkening back to the original releases of Han, Luke, Leia, Darth Vader, and Lando—but also on display were two new ships from Star Wars Resistance: Major Vonreg’s red TIE Interceptor and Griff Halloran’s Black Ace.

Hasbro Black Series

A lot of the Black Series figures on display from Hasbro this year were figures already revealed, and just about to come out—everything from prequel characters like Mace Windu, Padmé, and a Battle Droid, Solo characters like Dryden Vos and Han in his Mudtrooper uniform, the long-awaited release of The Last Jedi’s Admiral Holdo, and even Rebels characters like Ezra and Chopper.

Coming later in the year however are three new additions from the world of Marvel Comics’ Star Wars creations: specifically, the galaxy’s favourite smuggler/archaeologist/former best buddy of Darth Vader, Doctor Aphra. Aphra will also be joined by 15cm scaled versions of her killer droid companions, BT and Triple Zero.

Also later in the year for the recently-started “Archive” line of Black Series — which revive earlier figures from the line which are now harder to find with new paint detailing — there’ll also be releases of Empire Strikes Back Yoda, Revenge of the Sith Anakin, and a Scout Trooper.

Lastly, for the Black Series, 2019 also marks the 20th anniversary of the Prequel Saga, so to celebrate, Hasbro’s exclusive action figures for the upcoming Star Wars Celebration will be Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul as they appear in The Phantom Menace. For Celebration, they’ll have a few exclusive accessories as well as packaging that harkens back to the original Phantom Menace toy line. If you’re not heading to Celebration however, good news! Versions of the figures without the special packaging and a few of the accessories will release as part of a wave of figures later this year.

Retro Kenner Style Figures

The original Star Wars action figures might be some of the most iconic toys ever made. But if you were too young or missed out on the classic figures and don’t want to spend oodles of dollars collecting vintage toys, Hasbro is going to start re-making the original toy line for a special new series, complete with versions of the original packaging.

But interestingly, the line won’t just resurrect classic toys, but add in figures in a similar style for characters who were never part of the original line — like Grand Moff Tarkin, who will exclusively be found in a new board game called Death Star Escape that will form part of the line’s non-figure additions.

Hyperreal Action Figures

Black Series not fancy enough for you? Well good news for you, bad news for your wallet: Hasbro is now launching an even fancier line of Star Wars toys in an 20cm scale, two inches larger than the typical Black Series toy. The “Hyperreal” line will use an internal articulated skeleton to avoid showing joints in the sculpts of character clothing, as well as include extra detailing, more alternate accessories, and display stands to really highlight them as presentation pieces. All that swank comes at a hefty cost though: Darth Vader, the first in the series, will set you back a whopping $112 when he launches later this year.

The Vintage Collection Figures and Playsets

The recently returned Vintage Collection line of 3.75″ hyperarticulated action figures was out in full force at Toy Fair this year, with looks at upcoming figures like Luke’s force-projection appearance from The Last Jedi, but the big focus was on both new figures and new Playsets that could build upon the ginormous Jabba’s Sail Barge scaled vehicle Hasbro announced and crowdfunded through its new HasLab platform last year.

Two new playsets and accompanying figures were revealed: A skiff to display alongside the Sail Barge (and in scale with it, to match), and a set based on the interior of Jabba’s palace. If you love Return of the Jedi, you’ll want to start saving your pennies now.

Hot Wheels Jar Jar Binks

Look. What do you want me to say about this beautiful, beautiful thing? It’s a Jar Jar Car Car. I love it. The best thing I saw at Toy Fair.


Marvel 80th Anniversary Collection

2019 is a big year for nerdy anniversaries, as we’ve already discussed, but it’s a huge one for Marvel Comics too—80 years since the publisher first started, originally as Timely Comics. To celebrate, Hasbro’s Legends line of action figure is releasing a range of standalone figures and two-packs that encompass takes on characters from the comics — like first-appearance versions of Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and the Hulk — to figures based on the movies, like Thor: Ragnarok’s Grandmaster and Korg, and a two pack of Steve Rogers and — at long last — Peggy Carter from Captain America: The First Avenger.

Marvel Legends

Although there could be no figures tying into Avengers: Endgame on display just yet, the Marvel Legends line still had a few more movie-based offerings to reveal, like Black Panther’s Shuri and Infinity War’s Ebony Maw, who will be joined in Avengers-themed lines featuring comics characters like Beta Ray Bill and Living Laser, as well as eventually Endgame-themed toys when they’re revealed.

Meanwhile for Spider-Man: Far From Home a new wave of Spidey-themed figures will include both designs from the movies—like Peter’s updated, darker-coloured suit and the “Stealth Suit” briefly glimpsed in the trailers — and throwbacks from the comics, like Hydro Man, as a nod to the film’s more outlandish interpretation of the character as a ginormous water elemental.

Elsewhere for Legends, Mutants are on the rise again, with another wave of figures dedicated to the X-World, culminating in a build-a-figure of infamous villain Mister Sinister. Meanwhile for nostalgia fans is a new series of throwback designs based on the old Uncanny X-Men toy line from the ‘90s, complete with retro packaging.

Ant-Man Light Up Helmet

The latest addition to Hasbro’s line of collector-and-cosplayer-friendly Marvel props is another helmet, based upon the updated design worn by Scott Lang in both Captain America: Civil War and Ant-Man and The Wasp. The helmet, available to order now for $140, includes light up LED strips alongside the exterior.

Captain Marvel Dolls and Roleplay

Captain Marvel merch may already be out ahead of the film’s release in just a few weeks, but Carol Danvers was still proudly on display at Hasbro’s Toy Fair booth, encompassing a line of action dolls based on Carol’s different looks from the films, and a series of roleplay items meant to let kids pretend that they too can fire blasts of photonic energy or…have a faux-hawk, just like the mighty Captain Marvel.

Mezco One:12 Captain Marvel

For Carol Corps members looking for something a little more high-end though, Mezco’s big reveal for its One:12 line of hyper-details action figures was none other than Carol herself. Due out later this year, the figure will include multiple heads to show Carol in both her unhelmeted and helmeted forms, as well as other accessories.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Roleplay Gear

Back at Hasbro, also on display from the movie front was the first look at merchandise for Far From Home, primarily in the form of a variety of wondrous web blasters for you to pretend you’re also a globe-trotting web-slinger. If the Legends figures weren’t enough for you, there were also a few more basic figures highlighting Peter’s two new suits from the film, as well as accompanying vehicles that are a) really weird for Spider-Man to have to use and b) almost definitely not in the final film.

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