Terminator 6 Is Called Terminator: Dark Fate…Yes, Really

Terminator 6 Is Called Terminator: Dark Fate…Yes, Really

Well, at least it’s not as bad as “Genisys”.

Though it was previously reported to just be a working title, Deadline reports that the upcoming sixth Terminator film is now, officially, called Terminator: Dark Fate. For real. We actually confirmed it with Paramount and the official Twitter account has already been rebranded.

Directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool) and produced by James Cameron, Dark Fate brings back franchise stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton in what is being planned as the first in a new series of Terminator films.

Which, it should be pointed out, is exactly what everyone said when both was released in 2015 and Terminator Salvation was released in 2009.

This film will reportedly ignore those movies, though (as well as 2003’s Terminator: Rise of the Machines). Halt and Catch Fire’s Mackenzie Davis joins the cast along with Gabriel Luna (Agents of SHIELD) and Natalia Reyes. They’re the main focus of the story, with Schwarzenegger and Hamilton there in support.

As for the title itself? Look, it’s bad. “Dark Fate.” It’s probably somehow related to Sarah Conner’s mantra that “There’s no fate but what we make for ourselves,” which she learned from Kyle Reese and passed to her son, John. It seems that maybe Sarah’s fate wasn’t all that promising after saving the world in Terminator 2 and now it’s “dark,” somehow. Because there are still Terminators? We’re just spitballing here but, either way, we’ll find out soon enough.

The film is scheduled to open on November 1 and Paramount is “extremely confident” in it, according to Deadline. Which is encouraging. They could call it Terminator: This Sucks and if the movie was good, I wouldn’t care. It’s just been so long since fans have felt any confidence in the franchise that it would be nice to get some of that back.

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