New Update Gives The Galaxy S10 A Real Night Mode

New Update Gives The Galaxy S10 A Real Night Mode

Almost every high-end phone has some kind of night mode nowadays: Google has Night Sight, LG has Night View, and Samsung has Bright Night.

Unfortunately, Samsung’s version has some weird restrictions that only enables Bright Night in very low light conditions, instead of letting you turn it on whenever you want. It’s really annoying and something I called out in my Galaxy S10 review. But that’s no longer the case.

Thankfully, it seems Samsung was listening because according to SamMobile, there’s a new update rolling out for the Galaxy S10 that will let you use Samsung’s Bright Night mode just by selecting the feature in the phone’s camera app.

For now, the update only seems to be available in Switzerland, but since the software patch also includes the latest monthly Android security patch, we expect the update to begin showing up on phones in other regions soon.

Previously, in order to trigger Bright Night mode, the phone needed to be in an environment with less than 1 lux of light, which is roughly equivalent to the amount of light you get from a single candle from 1m away. Only then would the S10’s camera app automatically trigger Bright Night mode, giving you the choice to keep it on, or turn it off.

In the new update, Bright Night will get broken out into a dedicated mode with its own tab so that you can activate the feature at will. This is a nice upgrade to the S10’s photography, as it gives users much control and flexibility when it comes to tackling a shot in poorly lit environments.

That said, it seems the mode itself is largely unchanged, which might be a bit of a bummer for some because, as I discovered, Samsung’s Bright Night Mode isn’t quite as powerful as Google’s Night Sight. But if Samsung can upgrade Bright Night mode to full-time status, here’s hoping more camera improvements are in the works as well.


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