Your Happy Place Is Watching This Ferrari F40 Getting A Full Detail

Your Happy Place Is Watching This Ferrari F40 Getting A Full Detail

Watching any car receive a full detail can be a relaxing experience. But when it’s a Ferrari F40? The one with the paint so thin you can see the carbon kevlar weave through it?

Hartnett Media is back with another intensive detailing video. But just like the last one, this is something you can just put on for pure viewing pleasure. Because it’s a freaking Ferrari F40, for crying out loud.

The video’s caption mentions a concern I had upon first viewing—that the F40’s paint is famously thin. You can’t just approach it with a regular buffer and go ham with it like you would a normal car. But we are reassured that “… proper measurements [had] to be taken [with] a more gentle approach with specific tools and techniques.”

This is not a paint job you want to mess up. The guys in the video don’t seem to have any problem, though. I can’t imagine this F40 was very dirty to begin with, as it apparently is a collector’s item and has never been registered.

Still, I hope it gets driven every once in a while. Otherwise, it’d be a waste.

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