She-Ra’s SDCC Panel Revealed Adora’s True Origins And How They Nabbed Geena Davis

She-Ra’s SDCC Panel Revealed Adora’s True Origins And How They Nabbed Geena Davis

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power‘s third season is just around the corner and our heroes and enemies are getting bigger and stronger. The princesses have established themselves as a unit, but just as Adora is gaining strength, so is Hordak. And the next season is poised to reveal Adora’s true origins, her connection to Hordak and the truth about where she belongs.

Series creator Noelle Stevenson (Lumberjanes) and several of the stars of Netflix’s She-Ra and the Princesses of Power appeared on a panel to dive into the third and perhaps biggest season of the series so far.

In the next season, Adora, Glimmer and Bow venture out into the Crimson Waste to find the source of that mysterious signal that was teased in season two. Turns out, the signal is connected to Mara… along with Adora herself.

In a clip shown during the panel, Adora is revealed to be a First One, who was taken through a portal by Hordak for currently unknown reasons. In fact, Adora’s from the same planet as Mara, the previous She-Ra. But Mara’s destructive behaviour closed the portals, meaning Adora can’t go back home.

According to Stevenson, this revelation is partly what inspires Adora to venture out into the Crimson Waste, because she wants to understand the person who’s so intimately connected to her past, present and future.

“The Crimson Waste is really dangerous. No one who walks in there ever comes back out. It is death. But apparently something is there and it’s something [that’s] sending this message. And it’s coming from Mara,” Stevenson said.

“She’s this ghost from the past that Adora is sort of obsessed with. She wants to not be like her, but be like her and know about her and who she is — especially now that she finds out that she and Mara came from the same place. And so, you know, sort of grasping at some kind of purpose, Adora is like, “˜We have to go.’”

Once they’re out there, they come across Geena Davis’ Huntara. In a clip shown during the panel, we see Adora and her friends meet the new character at a bar in the Crimson Waste. Glimmer and Bow are terrified, but Adora is instantly fawning over her, like a full-on crush… and it’s actually kind of adorable.

Huntara is presented less as a hunter-assassin sent by Hordak to find Adora and more like a guide Adora and her friends hire to get them through the Crimson Waste. But of course, nothing is as it seems in She-Ra and there could be more to Huntara’s story than we’re currently seeing.

Stevenson shared how they managed to get Davis for the role, saying it came about after the actress spoke at a DreamWorks event about gender parity in development, as part of her work with the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. Apparently, during her presentation, Davis threw out an offer that Stevenson could not and did not want to refuse.

“She did this amazing power move where she’s like, “˜Also DreamWorks, anytime you want me to be a voice on one of your shows you know to call.’ And so it’s like, “˜OK, all right, she’s offering!’” Stevenson said. “She saw the picture and the first thing she said was, “˜[Gasp] Her abs!’ And then she just went around saying, “˜Yeah my character is purple and enormous.’”

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power returns with season three on August 3.

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