This LS-Powered Mini Is The Undisputed Champion Of Hooning

This LS-Powered Mini Is The Undisputed Champion Of Hooning

Is there anything cooler than a car built for the singular purpose of shredding tires and looking scary as hell? While this Mini technically can be driven on the road (and it seems the owner does just that), there is very little here in terms of driver comfort or user friendliness.

With a 4.8-litre small block LS engine jammed in between the headlamps, a massive belt-driven air pusher mounted on top, and ratty bodywork wrapped around an austerity-special passenger compartment, this rolling rubber vaporizer is ready to get the attention of everyone in a four mile radius at a moment’s notice.

Singularity of purpose is what gearheads do, right? A car built for the drag strip isn’t great at autocross or track days or driving on the street. That translates similarly to any single discipline build. This car might set a respectable time down the drag strip based solely on power to weight ratio, but it’s too light for traction.

So just light the match and burn it down, put a boot in the throttle pedal and shred some tires. There is only one thing you can do with this car, and it is filling its niche perfectly.

If you’re going to go to LS Fest, jam an LS in an Austin Mini and fuckin’ send it, my dude. And when the steering wheel pops off in the middle of your burnout, keep your foot in the gas and keep roasting.

This car speaks to me. Loudly.

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