Being A Latchkey Kid Is Horrifying In The First Antlers Teaser

Being A Latchkey Kid Is Horrifying In The First Antlers Teaser

Never let it be said that Guillermo del Toro doesn’t know how to keep himself almost inhumanly busy dreaming up nightmarish works of art people will gladly flock to theatres and pay hand over fist to see. One of the latest projects he has a hand in, supernatural horror film Antlers, has a new trailer today.

Though del Toro has plenty of his own screenplays in various stages of development, the filmmaker’s also lent his talents to help turn Channel Zero creator Nick Antosca’s short story The Quiet Boy (which you can read here if you’d like to be spoiled) into a feature length film titled Antlers.

Here’s the trailer:

Antosca’s original story follows as Julia (Keri Russell), a teacher, takes an interest in one of her gifted but seemingly neglected students, only to realise that the young boy’s home life is far more sinister and supernatural than she ever could have imagined.

In the film adaptation, young Aiden Weaver (Sawyer Jones) is too terrified to tell his teacher exactly what he’s hiding at home, but he gives her hints about his situation through a dark retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears that Julia understands to be about his family.

Antlers’ first teaser trailer juxtaposes Aiden’s story, told through voice over, with scenes from throughout the film, and just as you get a brief glimpse of the titular horns and the monster they’re attached to, you understand exactly why the kid’s so terrified.

Antlers is directed by Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart), with del Toro producing alongside David S. Goyer and J. Miles Dalte. The movie also stars Jesse Plemons and Scott Haze, and it’s set to hit theatres sometime in 2020.