Snapchat Glasses, Except Now Way More Expensive

Snapchat Glasses, Except Now Way More Expensive

It seems Snap just can’t give up its obsession with techy camera glasses. That’s because after losing a buttload of money trying (and failing) to sell its first Spectacles, and later following up with a second model to little fanfare, Wednesday, Snap announced the Spectacles 3, which are somehow uglier than ever and come with a serious price tag.

Sporting a weird blend a hipster-chic mixed with unprovoked nerd couture, Snap’s third Spectacles are certainly unique looking. And by adding a second built-in camera to its glasses, Snap is doubling down on the Spectacle’s recording features that let users capture new 3D snaps that can be customised with gimmicky AR stickers and effects.

Snap says the cameras on each side of its third-gen Spectacles can record HD video at 60 FPS, which can then be transferred to your phone (via Bluetooth or wi-fi) for further editing before being uploaded to Snapchat. The Spectacles’ dual cameras make it possible to record 3D stereoscopic footage featuring a subtle depth effect, while quad mics on the Spectacles capture what Snap claims is significantly better audio.

The new Spectacles shoots photos at 1,642 x 1,642, while videos are recorded at 1,216 x 1,216. The glasses also come with 4GB of onboard storage and feature a battery that can capture 70 10-second clips or up to 200 photos on a single charge. And for those that want the full 3D experience, Snap is also including a set of cardboard goggles that work with your phone’s screen so you can experience your footage in full 3D.

Initially, the third-gen Spectacles will be available in two colours, carbon black and a rose gold-like hue called Mineral. And similar to previous models, the Spectacles 3 come with an included charging case that holds four charges worth of juice, along with a full-grain leather exterior for a slightly more luxurious feel. However, unlike the Spectacles 2, Snap’s third-gen glasses aren’t water-resistant.

What might be even more frustrating than the new Spectacles’ styling is its price tag. At $US380 ($559), the third-gen Spectacles are more than twice as expensive as the original Spectacles (which went for $US150 ($221)), and $US180 ($265) more than the Spectacles 2 ($US200 ($294)). This pushes Snap’s third-gen glasses out of the stupid fun category and transforms it into something that’s a serious (and possibly) stupid investment.

But if you’re a hardcore Snapchat addict and are looking for more ways to spice up your feed, you can look forward to their release sometime later this spring.

Editor’s Note: Snapchat’s Spectacles hub doesn’t seem to allow pre-orders from Australia, currently. Sad times for Snappers across the country.

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