This Truck Has Secret Storage Behind Its Taillights

This Truck Has Secret Storage Behind Its Taillights

Swiss adventure outfitter Black Sheep Innovations has cooked up one of the coolest truck mods I’ve seen in some time – taillights that pop out to reveal secret storage areas. A mobile mini-bar, to be exact. Neat!

I hadn’t heard of Black Sheep until a friend blessed my Facebook timeline with this picture a few moments ago. But after a little cursory research, it seems like the Zürich-based company is actually making some pretty interesting upgrades, particularly for the VW Amarok pickup truck.

You can already order the clever kit that turns the tailgate into a storage bin, as pictured. I’m not sure if the taillight-storage slides are for sale yet or if they’re just concept work. I dropped Black Sheep a line and will update if they elaborate.

I also asked if the company would consider making this for other trucks, because while we don’t have the Amarok in the States, I could see this being pretty popular with car campers. Tailgaters, too. Depending on how practical it is to execute, of course. Maybe this was so convoluted to make that it’s only viable for use on a one-off show truck.

If it could be made to work, you’d have to take it pretty easy on the gas pedal if you wanted to stash beers back there for opening after off-road running, or you’d get some extremely explodey cans.

Still – I really dig this. The space inside the bedsides of a truck is just full of air anyway, it’s great to see a creative solution like this coming into play to utilise it.

Hat tip to Matt!

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